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10 Liberal Policies Carly Fiorina Supports Over trump



This week Carly Fiorina came out of her political exile to announce that she would be voting for Joe Biden for President over President Donald Trump because in her words: 

 “Joe Biden is a person of humility and empathy and character. I think he’s demonstrated that through his life. And I think we need humility and empathy everywhere in public life right now. And I think character counts.”

She also said that republicans shouldn’t rationalize voting for President Trump because of his policies or judicial appointments. 

Here are some policies Carly Fiorina is prepared to swallow since she believes voting based on “character” is more important for the country: 

1. Abortions up until partial birth paid for by tax payers

Joe Biden is backed by Planned Parenthood to the tune of $45 million (their pledge for 2020). He will ensure killing babies is legal and paid for by American tax payers no matter how they feel about murder. He would even make sure that we pay for abortions overseas.

Carly thinks that Joe’s disregard for human life is actually empathy in disguise. Abortions are fine as long as Joe Biden fakes nice!

2. “Free” Tuition 

Joe Biden will work on initiatives to provide federally paid for college for the first two years for all Americans. He refers to it as “free” but of course what he means is that you and I will be paying for it. Nearly every study done on federal attempts to make college more affordable through subsidy have proven that it increases the cost of tuition and higher education. The effect is very similar to what happened in the insurance industry once the federal government subsidized them to the tune of billions of dollars for the Obamacare individual mandate. Because payment is guaranteed, there is no reason to be price competitive. 

So basically, taxpayers will be forced to pay for ever increasing school prices for every student in America even those who might have done better entering a trade and the value of an education will plummet since it will be watered down to a basic minimum education standard. We will pay more to receive less. Great idea Joe! Thanks Carly for this one.

3. War

Joe Biden was the architect of the war powers granted to George W. Bush to invade Iraq and subsequently the emergency powers now every president has to avoid Congress when making decisions to go to war. 

He has also said we should take “pre-emptive” violent measures with North Korea and Iran meaning we should START a war with them instead of at least waiting to defend ourselves. 

What are the lives of thousands of innocents and our own American men? Just policies. Joe Biden has charm! Good call, Carly. 

4. More Obamacare

Joe Biden wants to expand subsidies to health insurers and expand mandatory coverage which will skyrocket costs for working Americans. 

He also wants to expand Medicare for more individuals which would mean that even people who are working and could pay for their own coverage will be paid for by American taxpayers. 

So we will have an increased tax bill and our own insurance we still would be required to pay for under Biden’s plan would be unaffordable. 

Crappy health insurance and government mandates? Who cares! Carly thinks Joe Biden will bring us together in our misery. 

5. Censorship on social media 

Joe Biden proposed holding sites like Facebook and Twitter legally liable for things users posts. Meaning the DNC could sue Facebook every time a republican says something mean about him basically forcing them to censor conservative users. 

Who needs platforms for free speech! Carly knows that if Joe Biden silences us can’ t be fighting. Togetherness!

6. America last 

Joe Biden has advocated to stop using tariffs or other trade mechanisms to make sure that other countries play fair in the world economy and that American manufacturing gets the pricing it deserves with trade partners. 

He thinks everything we use should be made overseas. Carly doesn’t care about American jobs and manufacturing. Who needs it when we will all be busy holding hands and singing! 

7. Needless Environmental Regulations

Joe Biden wants to make sure environmental law firms have plenty of work. He will be dedicating his presidency to renewing Obama era regulations rolled back by Donald Trump to make sure it is as expensive as possible to do any business – impossible to conduct energy business.

And it’s not just coal power that will be in jeopardy. Water power may be one of the cleanest forms of energy in the world but environmentalists think it impacts salmon populations. Sorry! That’s going to have to go too. 

Carly doesn’t think we really need affordable, clean forms of energy for our homes and businesses. Not if we all light up each other’s lives with fake smiles!

8. Celebration riots but condemnation of operating businesses 

Joe Biden and his followers  think destroying cities, looting small businesses, tearing down statues and terrorizing communities is the right way to achieve social change. Unless of course you’re peaceful protesting business closures during COVID-19. Then you’re a monster. 

Carly thinks this unequal treatment of the rules is what “togetherness” really means. 

9. Illegal Immigration free for all 

Joe Biden is definitely not in favor of building a border wall between the US and Mexico which would curb the free flow of illegal immgration and ensure that young immigrants are not forced to cross the border into imprisonment because of the crimes of their adult chaperones. 

Biden would have those already here illegally get status as citizens with no penalty. He would allow anyone entering to just stay therefore lowering wages, living in the shadows and creating class systems in the United States.
Carly doesn’t think the borders of a country are a meaningful designation. What she wants in a President is a plucky story about the 1930s when he was a kid.

10. Chinese supremacy 

Joe Biden has said “not to worry” about China. He would have us allow China to do whatever they want. Steal our patented research information? Fine! Dump products into our economy to artificially lower our prices? That’s alright! Install spyware into technology on a global scale? They’re just being silly! Commit human rights violations against multiple nations including Hong Kong? They’re just playing around! Invade India? Lets see how it shakes out!

Carly thinks being China’s puppet is okay as long as we all wear the same strings. 

There you have it! Ten of the Joe Biden policies that Carly Fiorina thinks matters less than her subjective opinion about the personality of Joe Biden who many Americans actually refer to as “creepy Uncle Joe.”