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Major American City Cuts $1 Billion From Police Budget



Liberal mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, confirmed on Monday that he will be cutting ONE BILLION DOLLARS from the budget of the New York Police Department.

This announcement is surprising and frightening to many New Yorkers who have noted the surge in shootings and violence in the wake of protests and unrest sparked by the death of George Floyd.

The mayor told Politico, “I am excited to say that we have a plan that can achieve real reform, that can achieve real redistribution, and at the same time ensure that we keep our city safe.”

“Everything was with an eye to safety, so we will be able to ensure the patrol strength we need. We will be able to ensure that school safety can do its job. The school safety issue would be addressed over several years,” the mayor continued.

“I was skeptical at first, and wanted to see how it could all come together,” he added. “A lot of painstaking work occurred to figure out the right way to do things.”

De Blasio’s decision to greenlight the cuts at this sensitive time have inspired many to speak out.

A press representative for Communities United for Police Reform, Anthonine Pierre, slammed De Blasio’s plan to cut funding for the NYPD: “Mayor de Blasio and Speaker [Corey] Johnson are using funny math and budget tricks to try to mislead New Yorkers into thinking that they plan to meet the movement’s demands for at least $1B in direct cuts”

“This is a lie,” Pierre added.

In the last nine days, 110 people have reportedly been shot in the Big Apple. There’s no saying what will happen as cops try to deal with the budget cuts.