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The Media Villainized The St. Louis Gun Couple, But Said Nothing About This List of 6 Who Did Way Worse



This week the media became obsessed with a St. Louis couple, Mark and Patricia McClosky, who stood on their own property holding guns while they were surrounded by “protestors” who they claim were trespassing and attempting to “charge” their home. 

First and foremost – it is perfectly legal for American citizens to carry around weapons on their property. It is also legal under the Castle Doctrine to threaten individuals with a weapon if they trespass on your property or if you feel your life or property is in danger. So there is no question that the McClosky’s were well within their right even if the protestors were not threatening them even though, based on the current anti-capitalist, mouth foaming, “eat the rich,” rhetoric which as wholly co-opted an otherwise thoughtful movement – I think we all know they very likely did threaten them and their home. 

Even though the couple supports BLM and are registered democrats, I still believe their gun brandishing in defense of their property was A LOT less problematic than at least five other people who have lost their minds in the last couple of months who the leftist media did not crucify. 

Here’s a list of 6 way bigger dangers to society: 

1. This swastika vandal

In an obvious attempt to create the narrative of dangerous white supremacists rising up in America (luckily very false since white supremacists are small in number and smaller in brain cells) – Keveon Gomera painted a racist symbol which is meant to ignite violence, fear and unrest. He also tried to light the grass around the area on fire. What he did was illegal, racist and fraudulent as well as dangerous. He should have gotten more scorn than a local media scoop.

2. Protestors lighting things on fire in the middle of cities and crowds

Protestors not unlike the ones the McCloskeys were facing have a penchant for lighting buildings, cars, grass and other objects on fire in the middle of major crowds and cities with absolutely no regard for safety or property. Whether or not their cause is just – the left media did not condemn them on the basis of safety as they did the McCloskeys.

If the arsonist’s intention was not intimidation, what was it exactly? 

3. The man who actually shot and killed protesters 

Why villainize someone who went to a protest and actually shot people when you could villainize someone who shot no one standing in their own yard right, liberal media?
Steven Lopez, pictured above, was a participant in the protests who opened fire and shot 12 rounds into the crowd before killing one man. The victim’s name was Tyler Gerth and he was only 27 years old. Ironically the crowd was saved by police who took the man, one of their own, away.

The media reported this story but unlike the McCloskey’s did not run his picture over and over again to make sure people saw the face and appearance of a dangerous person. I wonder why. Perhaps because he looks exactly like members of ANTIFA and other socialist groups which “don’t exist?” 

4. The man who was willing to murder someone to facilitate his looting 

Stephen Cannon (left) broke into a pawn shop during a protest in an effort to rob and loot the business. David Dorn (right) was a 77 year old retired officer who responded to the notice of a burglar alarm. Cannon murdered him in cold blood and no doubt would have murdered anyone who had tried to stop him from robbing a local business. 

This story did not even make national news let alone become a national news frenzy. 

5. Governor Andrew Cuomo (and his thug Mayor De Blasio)

Governor Andrew implemented a policy of housing COVID positive patients in active nursing homes which was the direct cause of death for at least 11,000 elderly citizens of New York. His puppet and number one thug Mayor De Blasio happily complied with his policy in the national epicenter of COVID-19 thereby killing the majority of elderly under this order. 

Though this is widely known and was reported on by some outlets, Andrew Cuomo remains a liberal media favorite and has been allowed hours of screen time and countless free press to spew dispersions against President Trump and other leaders who did not choose to kill the elderly and vulnerable. 

6. The murderers of Breonna Taylor

Jonathan Mattingly, Myles Cosgrove, Brett Hankison

The murderers of Breonna Taylor (alleged, above) who was shot in her bed having committed no crime are still at large and also a much bigger threat than the McCloskey’s defending their lawn. But they have been widely reported by the media thus their omission here. 

Ultimately – the McCloskeys did what they had to do to protect themselves from the drecks of former protests who are looking only for destruction. The media should leave good Americans alone and focus on the real violent criminals.