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Did Florida hospitals just admit to lying about their COVID cases?



At a time when you can’t seem to trust anyone – you want to be able to trust the health care professionals on the ground. Unfortunately you can’t. FOX 35 in Orlando, Florida conducted an investigative review of the cases being reported from clinics and hospitals across the state. What they found will shock you (or not). 

FOX 35 began their investigation when they noticed that many clinics statewide had been reporting 100% positive COVID tests and no negative results. They noticed that in many other instances, clinics had extremely high positive rates and still not reporting on negative tests. 

When FOX 35 contacted one of the providers, Orlando Health, they confirmed that though they had reported 98% of their cases as positive, the true number was 9.4%. Excuse me? That is a major difference. Of course they chalk it up to a mistake. Sure.

FOX 35 didn’t stop with one confession. They got ahold of the Orlando Veteran’s Medical Health Center who reported 76% of their tests as positive but the real number per their own admission is 6%. 

These discrepancies are massive and these are only two of the many organizations FOX 35 uncovered as clearly misreporting their testing. The Florida Department of Health assured FOX 35 they were investigating but I have my doubts. 

How many cases in Florida are entirely fabricated? Do these lies explain why Florida has a “record breaking” case number but somehow a far lower death rate than the rest of the nation? How many more states are willfully ignoring flawed reporting from their healthcare industry? 

This revelation begs the question: Can we trust anyone about COVID-19?