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NBC caught pedaling fake news again, features ‘COVID infected’ journalist who actually tested negative for COVID-19



Liberals across the globe have all been very keen to self diagnose with COVID-19. There has been a chant across the victimhood of “I definitely had it back in February.” None were so pleased to capitalize on the tragedy of others than Dr. Joseph Fair and NBC News. 

NBC has been doing a nightly segment on their science contributor Dr. Joseph Fair who claimed to have gotten COVID-19 from a “crowded flight” but recently was tested negative for the virus or the antibodies. Despite having never bothered to get tested during the multi-episodic saga following his illness, Dr. Fair lamented his fate as a COVID victim and used that platform to self righteously dictate the behaviors of other Americans. 

Dr. Fair used his credentials as a virologist to make wild and unchecked medical claims either intended to influence the general public to his bias on public policy or more embarrassingly just because he is a self important blow hard. He claimed not only to have had the virus but to know where he got it (a flight) and how (through his eye sockets). Feel free to view his pathetic pity party which was aired for all NBC viewers back in May.

Dr. Fair claims he asked to not be put on a ventilator but more likely as the story unravels he was never sick enough to be on one. 

In the wake of the lie, Dr. Fair claims he cannot explain his symptoms without their being COVID-19. It’s an odd thing for a virologist to claim considering the symptoms of COVID-19 are the same as many flus, colds and allergy related illnesses. A flare up of asthma, for example, could feel incredibly similar especially paired with the flu. 

Even if Dr. Fair did not intend to mislead the public (I think he absolutely intended to sensationalize his story at the very least) he did nothing to check his facts and ensure his credibility before leading viewers down a completely fictional path.  What he did was not responsible and actually it was downright unethical. 

So as the left insists we must believe doctors no matter what, and trust the media to check their facts- a media sponsored doctor who specializes in viruses has been found to have – at best – perpetuated a farce without checking for truth and at worst actively lied about the virus. 

Doctors are fallible people. Dr. Fair is a regular person capable of bias, mistakes and even malice. Keep that in mind as the left tries to cancel our elections this fall. 

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