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The New York Times Wonders ‘Why is Hillary Clinton So Hated?’ – We Have 5 Reasons



In case anyone was wondering, yes, the New York Times is still running a bunch of out of touch trash.

This week, they published this editorial entitled: “Why is Hillary Clinton So Hated?”


Upon reading this heading, the entire staff at Free Press Fail – after finally recovering from a fit of giggles – came up with a quick list of 5 reasons.

Let’s be clear, there are about 1,000 reasons she is hated. But we’re posting 5. Because we’re busy. And we’re afraid that we’ll put our own lives in jeopardy if we post 6.

  1. This laugh. No one can love this.
  1. Benghazi

It’s just hard to NOT hate someone who leaves 4 Americans to die under terrorist siege and then shows no remorse.

  1. Clinton Kill List

This is one of those things everyone laughs about like “oh, it’s a conspiracy” and then it gets TOO real to ignore. The most recent count is even higher than this screencap suggests! [Please add: Seth Rich, probably Jeffrey Epstein]

  1. Aesthetic

No one likes a frumpy pantsuit and they literally never have.


  1. She’s a b*tch

The self-professed “Nasty Woman” is just not nice. There are countless reports of Clinton demanding special treatment, yelling at her staff, and being overall terrible.

The list could go on forever, but the bottom line remains the same: Hillary Clinton is “so hated” because she is the literal worst.

Why is the New York Times worried about it anyway? Her career is over, and to quote our least favorite person: “at this point, what difference does it make?”

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