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Did This Left-Wing Publication Suggest President Trump Should Not Mourn The Death Herman Cain?



The self-righteous douchebags at Mediaite who refused to memorialize Herman Cain themselves, are now suggesting that others should not mourn his death, either.

Specifically, they’re taking issue with the president paying his respects.

Just check out this headline:

It was in response to this thoughtful tweet from the president.


Apparently the only man that is to be mourned today is John Lewis.

And we’re hearing all sorts of great things about John Lewis today.

He overcame great oppression. Which, okay, Herman Cain did too, but…

John Lewis was well respected by his colleagues and praised by those in his field. So, Herman Cain was also, but…

John Lewis is a black man who grew up in the segregated South and rose to political power despite every obstacle. Okay, that is also true for Herman Cain.

Maybe they don’t know who the amazing story of Herman Cain, and that’s their issue?

Because Herman did not promote a liberal ideology, because he was a conservative, because he dared to question the status quo, the liberal media has the audacity to suggest he should not be remembered.

And make no mistake, that is literally what they are suggesting.

But millions of Americans will remember Herman Cain for all the good he did. He truly lived the American dream and his work impacted the lives of too many people to count.

Prayers should be with his family today.

And maybe the progressives at Mediaite could stand to do a little praying of their own before they write another trash article like this one.

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