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Victory For Trump? Hillary Clinton Is Back With Another Prediction For 2020



The disgraced liberal queen Hillary Clinton has been making as many media appearances as possible to voice her opinions on the upcoming election.

Most of her comments are rabidly anti-Trump, as expected, but her latest rant is almost a compliment. It’s clear she predicts a big win for DJT.

And she’s already coming up with an excuse to discredit the victory.

In a tweet, the former First Lady says the president may hijack the mail-in voting process to ensure he keeps White House. 

But wait…

Isn’t Hillary the one who has spent millions promoting mail-in ballot initiatives?

If President Trump could so easily steal the election by stalling the USPS, couldn’t the Democrats do the same?

Not sure Hillary is making the argument she wants to be making here – and she should maybe undergo the same cognitive testing Biden so desperately needs right now. 

Until then, maybe shhhh. 

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