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Hateful 8: Top enemies to American freedom of faith



Over the last few years, the left has had a field day poking fun at Christians for decrying the “war on Christmas” and the slow dismantling of free religion in our country. Now, as we watch our churches (or temples or any other religious entity) be forced closed by America’s progressive left we know that the war was never a joke and the battle has reached a crescendo. 

From liberal Governors to activist Congress members to even God fearing Supreme Court justices – our right to worship freely is under attack. And we are not winning the fight. 

Here are the top enemies of free faith in the United States: 

  1. These five Supreme Court Justices: 

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Stephen Beyer, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, and Justice Elena Kagen all recently held that the State of Nevada (and therefore any state) is legally allowed to impose restrictions on church attendance even where restrictions are not placed on other establishments such as Casinos (in this case). The offered this major departure from the letter of the Constitution with no explanatory statement meaning they did not elaborate on their legal basis for decision making. This is no surprise since they have no legal basis for their decision making. 

In an eloquent and important 24 page dissent, Justice Samuel Alito joined with Justices Kavanaugh, Gorsuch and Thomas carefully outlined the countless items of precedent against placing barriers on the right to worship including the tacit prohibition in the U.S. Constitution. 

These five justices photographed meant to uphold our rights to worships have turned on us and turned on freedom. They cannot be trusted with our democracy. 

  1. Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak (D)

Governor Sisolak was the true plaintiff in the case above where Nevada churches banned together to sue the State of Nevada for his rule imposed by executive fiat and not by legislative action. Governor Sisolak is a known crony who has spent a lifetime in politics. His tenure on the Clark County Commission was riddled in controversy over his backroom deals and aggressive single minded agenda – with that mind solely focused on bringing himself more power. Even his democrat colleague, Carolyn Goodman of the City of Las Vegas, can’t stand the man because she knows who he is and how he operates. 

He ordered that churches remain at 50 worshipers or less while every other Nevada business (except bars who dont serve food which are not allowed to open at all since apparently a plate of fettuccine can protect you from COVID) is able to operate at 50% of fire code capacity. In fact- in an earlier Supreme Court ruling on church assembly the five justices above noted that they considered Church gatherings to be comparable to “public assembly” under the first amendment not comparable to “secular business.” Sisolak allowed for all BLM protests to take place regardless of size or safety measures. Only churches have been singled out and forced to remain small. 

This is not Steve Sisolaks first attack on freedom of religion. Before he was Governor, he attacked a local religious group for operating a pregnancy crisis center offering women in need a chance to explore their options to keep their baby alive instead of opting for abortion. Sisolak wants women to only be able to choose abortion and definitely supports the right of Planned Parenthood to operate but he didn’t support the right of this Christian pregnancy crisis center. 

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is an enemy to religious freedom.

  1. California Governor Gavin Newsom (D)

Gavin Newsom is a overly-hair-gelled-squish who will do literally anything his progressive overlords tell him to do. In an act so moronic it reads more like the plot line of an adult cartoon or the 1980s classic film, Footloose, Newsom banned worshipers from singing or chanting in church.

He did not place a similar ban on BLM/anti-capitalist Bolshevik protestors singing or chanting during their activities. 

On top of this absurdist singing ban, churches are not allowed to meet whatsoever in 29 counties where 80% of California’s population is located. Restaurants, hardware stores, outdoor malls (the stores still sell things on the inside…), and more apparently are not risky for COVID. 

This isn’t Gavin’s first crack at dismantling religious freedom. A former alcoholic who had a documented affair with a subordinate at work, Newsom has been called “hostile” to religious groups by Christian and family organizations. As one example, he championed legislation which would force universities to provide abortion drugs to students meaning taxpayers who belief in the holy sanctity of life are forced to pay for abortions. 

Governor Gavin Newsome is not here to protect the first amendment. 

  1. New York Mayor Bill De Blasio (D)

Bill De Blasio might just be one of the most powerful and most malicious men in America. De Blasio has made no secret of his total contempt for faith communities and even went so far as to single out members of the Jewish community as personally responsible for the spread of COVID. Earlier in the pandemic he sent out a chilling tweet threatening to round them all up as public enemies. It was like something out of the Third Reich. 

He did not send similar warnings to the droves of protestors who flooded the streets in the middle of the pandemic protesting law and order and capitalism. 

In March De Blasio also threatened to “permanently close” any church who defied his closure order even if it was against their deeply held religious beliefs to prevent worshipers from in person prayer, healing and participation in sacrament. He again specifically singled out the Jewish community by pointed to “specific synagogues” who were in defiance of his egregious overstep of their rights. 

Bill De Blasio will stop it nothing to close down houses of worship and he will not hesitate to round us up (according to his own public comments). He can’t be trusted with America’s faith future. 

  1. Presidential Candidate and former Obama Vice President Joe Biden (D)

Joe Biden is better known for his incredibly racist gaffes (like when he said “Unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things,”) than his hatred of American religion. But nevertheless he persists with both. 

Though Joe Biden professes deep adherence to the Catholic faith his persists in supporting all of the other individuals on this list in their efforts to close down freedom of faith. He also has been an avid proponent of not only keeping abortions legal but forcing tax payers to pay for those abortions nationwide. 

Joe Biden is supported by the army of protestors who poured into our streets screaming for socialism to take hold in America. Many of these protestors dawned pro-palestine apparel and paraphernalia and claim that the Palestinian struggle to control land which belongs to Israel is founded in the same roots as the BLM movement in the United States. Joe Biden has made no effort to distance himself from Palestine, a nation which does not allow the right to worship any faith except Islam and does not allow for Jews to be property owners, and in fact has stated his support for a “two-state solution” in Israel. 

Make no mistake – Joe Biden will not stand up for any religion which is not trendy with the progressive mob. You can count judaism and Christianity out. 

  1. Pro-Palestine groups including the group “Within Our Lifetime” and everyone associated with the movement including CAIR and Students for Justice in Palestine 

The group “Within Our Lifetime” is a pro-palestine group tied to Black Lives Matter who support the elimination of Israel and the United States not to mention all other religions except Islam. The group has infiltrated nearly every young progressive movement in the United States and their goal is to eliminate jews and christians and set up Islamic lead governments. 

Within Our Lifetime calls their “Days of Resistance” plans an “intifada” which refers to what they see as an ongoing uprising against Israel since 1987. Their rhetoric and collateral suggests violent take overs and declares themselves enemies of “western/european Jews and Christians.” 

These groups and there ideas have infiltrated higher education institutions, progressive movements, and mainstream celebrities. They would have the U.S. no longer exist as we know it today let alone allow for the free expression of religion. 

  1. The NFL

The NFL published a rule that would bar its players from attending church services at any institution that was operating above 25% capacity – even if those churches are totally compliant with their state and local health regulations. This rule is a violation of the constitution as well as the Civil Rights Act and about a dozen different state and federal worker protection laws. The rule is laced in irony considering the organization’s total endorsement of the massively attended protests around the country. 

The NFL is encouraging its players to report their colleagues who they catch going to church and will impose steep fines on anyone who has been reported or caught attending services. Meanwhile the NFL has been posting social media pictures celebrating their players attending large protests. 

  1. Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney (D)

Mayor Kenney banned Catholic organizations from participating in adoption services solely based on their religious practices. Not only does this violate the constitution but it leaves children desperately in need of families and care in a broken and vast foster system where their outcomes will be seriously diminished. President Trump’s Attorney General William Barr has launched a lawsuit against the city to save these children and restore freedom to these religious institutions attempting to provide aid. 

Kenney also restricted churches with far more severity during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the final phases of the city reopening, churches are still limited to 25 attendees while other institutions including public gatherings are up to 50 or more attendees. 

Jim Kenney is not a friend to free worship. 

These individuals are the top enemies of freedom of worship but they are by no means the limit of the progressive force out to stop God fearing people from gathering. But they are the top tier of hatemongers toward faith in America and their kind must be exposed and voted out.

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