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Donald Trump Slams ‘Killary” Over Epstein, Asks Why We’re Not Hearing ‘The Usual Sactimonious BS’



Reports of former President Clinton’s multiple stays at Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” have been floating in the press for weeks.

The former first lady – and recently super vocal tweeter – Hillary Clinton, has remained completely silent on the issue.

But Donald Trump Jr has had it.

Earlier this week the president’s son slammed Hillary on Twitter by posting an article of the alleged illegal activity with underage girls, with the caption “Not hearing much of the usual sactimonious BS from Killary today. Wonder why?”

Trump Jr tweeted about Hillary on Saturday

Later in the week, he posted a screencap of the tweet on Instagram with a more lengthly insult to the media who refuses to cover the story – while they report absolutely every trash insult towards Trump.

He wrote:

“I’m wondering why this isn’t a bigger story myself. I see the two pictures of my father and this sick b***ard plastered all over the news every day.

They are too wealthy guys from New York that ended up at the same party WOW SHOCKING! that’s where they live that’s what happens, but strangely the media will do anything to protect Bill Clinton and the other celebs that used to party and hang out with this guy all the time go to his shady island etc.

That somehow is not newsworthy and it’s bulls**t. I also strangely never hear the fact that about 20 years ago [Epstein] was thrown out of Mar-a-Lago and told not to come back because allegations of his behavior surfaced.

That is a long time ago and way before anyone else was onto this sicko but no mention of that… (I wonder why) and yet all the celebs that Epstein hung out with as recently as two or three years ago get a total pass (some like big name journalists and other celebs even hung out with him after he was a convicted pedophile) and we get fricken crickets form everyone of that.”

Many conservatives are wondering the same thing!

Bill’s alleged involvement with the Epstein ring is more troublesome than any recent accusation against Trump, but we hear nothing.

When does the bias end?

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