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5 Reasons Kamala Harris Is Unfit To Lead (With GIFS!)



While the media celebrates Joe Biden’s VP pick, the real world is crying.

And it’s not just because of Kamala’s annoying laugh.

It’s because Kamala is kind of the worst.

Here are 3 of the million reasons Kamala Harris is unfit to lead.

1) She kept non-violent criminals in jail to put out forest fires
In 2014 when Kamala served as Attorney General of California, her office argued against the release of nonviolent criminals because… they wanted to keep them for cheap labor.

Lawyers under Kamala’s oversight wrote: “Extending 2-for-1 credits to all minimum custody inmates at this time would severely impact fire camp participation — a dangerous outcome while California is in the middle of a difficult fire season and severe drought.”

She didn’t just support doing time for the crime, she supported doing extra time so California could save some money. What a monster.

2) She put parents in jail for children skipping school
When Harris was district attorney of San Francisco, she decided to treat parents whose children skipped class as criminals, because “a child going without an education is tantamount to a crime.”

As you can imagine, that had a severe impact on lower class families in here city – but Kamala regrets NOTHING. In fact, she laughed about it years later:

3) Opposed DNA Testing that would have exonerated an innocent black man on death row

Kamala didn’t just want to throw people in jail for committing crimes – she wanted to throw people who didn’t commit crimes in jail, too.

As District Attorney, she blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row. She opposed DNA testing in the case of Kevin Cooper who was almost executed after being charged with the murder of 2 adults and 2 children.

After years of appeals, he was eventually exonerated by the very DNA test Kamala opposed in the first place.

As the campaign progresses, the media will continue to hide the skeletons and promote Kamala as the greatest gift to American politics since Barack Obama…

But we know the truth. Kamala is unfit to lead. And we think she should follow her own advice:

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