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Hillary Clinton Has A New Excuse For Her 2016 Loss



If Hillary Clinton talked to Michigan voters as much as she’s been talking to anyone who will listen lately, maybe 2016 would’ve gone a little differently for her.

The failed presidential candidate sat down with a group of young workers in New York to whine about losing.


She’s had a billion excuses for her embarrassing defeat. It was Russia! It was voter fraud! It was the corruption of the electoral college!

But now, she has a new excuse.

She whined that “the stereotypes of being a woman in the public eye” hurt her campaign.

And the cruelty of Donald Trump, of course.

She explained “running in 2016 against someone who was totally willing to say or do anything, who attacked people, insulted people, who wanted to be good entertainment.”

Don’t worry, she didn’t forget to mention the Russians, too. She continued by saying Trump was “sadly, helped by the Russians and other allies to plant lots of disinformation.”

Clinton wished current Vice Presidential candidate, and fellow female Democrat the best of luck in the race. She vowed to “protect” her from the viciosness of the media, though she admitted that would be almost impossible.

She complained of life on the campaign trail, saying “it’s a very tough environment. It’s truly become more and more difficult because all of the pressures and the stresses that you face on an hourly and daily basis” and lamented that social media “amplified everything and revved it up to a greater degree of intensity.”

Poor Hills, must be rough.

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