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How The RNC Proved President Trump Is A Man Of The People



President Trump with Jon Ponder preparing his pardon v Joe Biden delivering his speech completely alone

The last two weeks we have all gotten to witness virtual conventions thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic needlessly dragging on for months and months despite the fact that we now know masks and distance can keep everyone healthy while we wait for a vaccine (not to mention the left endorsed riots in the streets). Two weeks to lower the curve AMIRIGHT!

Anyway – both parties used a new format and the GOP definitely out did the left in every single element. The media couldn’t bear it. They took it upon themselves to all but ignore the GOP convention except to accuse them of Hatch Act violations (boring and absurdly incorrect) and to ask themselves hard hitting questions like: Did the Dem Convention go TOO smoothly?

But at the end of the day – it was very clear who each party served. It was right there in their speaking lineup. 

The RNC invited Nicholas Sandmann and everyday American teen who CNN tried to destroy v the DNC invited Pop Star and millionaire teen Billie Ellish who is a certified media darling

The republicans featured multiple Americans who had been destroyed by the media and the progressive left for no reason other than their audacity to believe something different than they have been told to by the media themselves. These individuals included the “maga hat boy” the Covington Catholic school student, Nicholas Sandmann who actually won a $275 million settlement from CNN for their illegal and morally reprehensible coverage of his participation in March for Life; and the McCloskey’s of St. Luis who recently had their lives destroyed by the progressive media and their chrony government officials for defending their home against a mob of angry bolsheviks shouting “eat the rich” and threatening to burn their house down. 

The RNC also hosted:

  •  a Cuban exile, Maximo Alvarez (who brought me to sobbing tears);
  • the father of a young girl murdered in the Douglas Highschool Shooting, Andrew Pollack; 
  • a leader of the Navajo Nation, Vice President Myron Lizer; former Planned Parenthood clinic advisor, Abby Johnson; 
  • a nun, Sister Dede Byrne; 
  • a Rabbi, Aryeh Spero; 
  • the widow of David Dorn who was killed in the BLM riots when a man shot him for defending his pawn shop, Ann Dorn; 
  • the parents of Kayla Mueller who was kidnapped and murdered by ISIS while on a humanitarian mission; 
  • Alice Marie Johnson who was pardoned by President Trump after serving decades in jail for a non-violent crime; 
  • Jon Ponder who was pardoned by President Trump after successfully turning his life around through the Hope for Prisoners program; 

The RNC invited Maximo Alvarex a Cuban exile who made his life under American freedom and appreciates what it has given him v the DNC invited Pop Star and millionaire John Legend who is famous and on TV a lot

And so many more. President Trump and the RNC went out of their way to make sure everyday people were heard from as they would have been at a real convention. The Republicans made it very clear that the people of America are tired of being abused by the left and the media and they let them tell their own stories. 

The DNC? Not so much. The DNC gave 100% of their air time to the famous, rich or powerful. If one of the Obama’s or Clinton’s or another democrat (or fake republican) politician wasn’t talking then it was some pop star like Billie Ellish or John Legend. You don’t have to take my word for it – here is their line up. They aren’t even ashamed. As clearly as the Republicans stood for the underdogs and the workers of this country the left made it abundantly clear who they care about. And spoiler alert: It isn’t the American people. Unless you have a summer house and a million followers on instagram. The only time they let regular people talk at all was to nominate Joe Biden for the candidacy. No need to hear from them about how they got there and their true stories – we have a movie star to hear from. No time.

The RNC invited the McCloskey’s who were terrorized by violent protestors threatening their lives and home and punished by the media and the progressive government for defending themselves v The DNC invited the band formerly known as the Dixie Chicks who are famous and rich and frequently apologize for being Americans

People reveal themselves through where they place their attention. The RNC and President Trump gave their attention to us. The left gave their attention to a country music group who won’t even call themselves “Dixie” anymore lest they be associated with the American south from which they came. Who do you think they’ll listen to when its time to make important decisions?