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Reality Check! Here’s Who You Can Blame For Your Favorite Restaurant Closing



Lately I have seen a lot of preachy social media posts about saving local restaurants from closure in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Frankly, I’m pretty sick of it. Not because I don’t want to save the restaurants – to be clear I do and always have – but because these same individuals crying over their local vegan cafe going out of business were the very people who insisted they be put out of business. 

These woke liberals so worried about their counter-corporate hot spots literally (and prophanically) called me stupid, careless and malicious for resiting quarantines, railing against curfews, and standing up for people like Shelly Luther in Texas who opened her hair salon knowing she would face jail time (please run for office Shelly we love you!). 

It was the team here at FPF who were almost lone voices back in March who stood up for local restaurants and businesses when no one else seemed to have the courage or desire. So for the libs on Twitter and Facebook to suddenly realize their mom and pop places aren’t going to make it? That really slaps my bruise.

There is a serious and unnerving cognitive dissonance within the left about supporting the forced closure of local businesses (not to mention looting and burning them down but that’s for a whole different article), masks mandates, capacity limits, and quarantines and the resulting closure and suffering of those businesses. They seem to genuinely not understand that the latter is the result of the former. Leftists propaganda machine the New York Times even put out an article claiming “the virus” closed these businesses. The virus didn’t do anything. People closed those businesses. Specifically liberal people and the politicians they empowered.

So let me make it very simple for them and for all of us. Here are the people personally responsible for the closure of your favorite place to eat: 

  1. Andrew Cuomo 

Presidential candidate Joe Biden and Governor Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo is an unchecked enemy of liberty who shut down businesses with ferocious glee in early spring along with California. He is still requiring 14-day quarantines for people who traveled out of state despite the CDC revoking their recommendation for quarantines. He still is attempting to keep out any visitors. He might as well have lit your favorite restaurant on fire. 

The left call him a “hero” for all of this. But still somehow sad their cupcake place is gone. 

  1. ~Cool Guy~ Celebrities like (but not limited to) Patton Oswalt and Sophie Turner

Patton seems to have total contempt for the restaurant industry here and also seems to lack the common sense that Anne Frank didn’t hide by choice.

Sophie might not be a “guy” persay but she definitely fancies herself very “cool.” She was very open about her contempt for the freedom to operate a business. You can thank her for your favorite tacoria going under.

The entire weed smoking section of Hollywood thinks you and your insignificant little business don’t really matter to them.

  1. Politically active celebrities whose careers aren’t very active

Our favorite liberal who wouldn’t be famous anymore if not for her regular twitter tirades (And Samuel Jackson who to be fair is much more famous), Alyssa Milano was calling for a “National shut down” in April. She personally shut down your brunch place.

  1. Liberal Governors other than Andrew Cuomo 

Here are the liberals who forced their businesses to close – most of which STILL are limiting services and keeping bars (including wineries and craft breweries) shut down: 

Special shout out to the worst of the worst who have been sicking the police on violaters, locking down borders and more: NV Governor Steve Sisolak, MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer, KS Governor Laura Kelly, and HI Governor David Ige. 

Thank these leaders for the pancake diner on the corner going under!

  1. Unhinged activist mayors

Some of these mayors are out of control and falling down drunk with power. The list of offenders is so long it would be impossible to show them all. But here are a couple who really made it their absolute mission to make sure local restaurants went under: 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who is still sending cops to people’s homes to break up their parties over 10 people. So she’s not likely to shed a tear over the cubano place your boyfriend took you to on your first date.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler continues to encourage his city to burn to the ground and does not care if the best breakfast spot in town goes with it. 

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has a recall effort active against her for her woeful ineptitude in handling the riots and development of CHAZ in her city. She allowed CHAZ to continue despite it worsening already suffering local businesses and especially restaurants. She didn’t shut down CHAZ until after a group of local businesses sued her to do so. Jenny does not care about favorite oyster bar.

As an aside: She also recently got in trouble with Civil Rights groups for hosting “whites only” diversity training for city employees. 

So as liberals keep posting their sad face emojis over all their favorite lost hot spots, remind them of what they did to themselves.