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Is Joe Biden an Anti-Vaxxer? New Comments Have People Wondering



Joe Biden left his basement on Monday to speak to reporters – a rare occurrence for the Democrat nominee!

A shock to absolutely no one, the comments made have people wondering wtf Biden is thinking… again.

The former Vice President talked in circles, first expressing his skeptism of a coronavirus vaccine, saying if one was released by the Trump administration before the election, he “would want to see what the scientists said.” And wants “full transparency on the vaccine.”

Then he – unironically – accused President Trump of undermining public confidence in the vaccine.

Biden said “he’s [Trump] playing with politics. He’s said so many things that aren’t true, I’m worried if we do have a really good vaccine, people are going to be reluctant to take it.”

He added, “But I pray to God we have it. If I can get a vaccine tomorrow, I’d do it. If it cost me the election, I’d do it. We need a vaccine and we need it now. … But we have to listen to the scientists.”

It’s getting difficult to tell where Joe really stands on the issue.

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