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Here’s Why The “Dying Wish” Of A Leader Is NOT A Relevant Factor In The Peaceful Transition Of Power



When Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, lefties rushed to Twitter to push a probably fake quote from the Justice that claims it is her “fervent wish” – her dying wish – to not be replaced until a new president is “installed.” (I’m still creeped out by the word “installed” here, but don’t get me started on that.)

Libs are using this as an excuse to undermine the right of President Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell to nominate and confirm a new justice.

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They think that a dying wish is like some sort of golden ticket to circumventing constitutional obligation.

Well, it’s not.

Just so everyone is SUPER CLEAR here, the “dying wish” of a leader of a free nation is not a relevant factor in the peaceful transition of power.

We do not live in a monarchy. Ruth Bader Ginsburg does not get to pick the heir to her throne, from the grave. It’s frankly stupid that we’re even entertaining the idea.

That’s my political opinion, as an educated person who is not swayed by every instagram post I see.

Now, I’m going to admit my something here, as a personal opinion.

I don’t really care about anyone’s dying wish.

First of all: People aren’t rational as they die.

Second of all: they’re dead. Why on earth would I care to satisfy their desires which they can’t enjoy?

And if you’re someone sooooo motivated by dying wishes – looking at you, libs – here’s a BIG NEWSFLASH that may come as a shock to your self-righteous systems: A lot of people just recently had the dying wish during COVID nonsense to maybe see their loved ones one last time. They weren’t granted that wish. They could have been, easily, but the anti-freedom Coronavirus regulations supported by the very same crazies who now pretend a dying wish over the rule of law wouldn’t allow it.

So maybe all of those people who believe RBG’s definitely fake last wishes – who disavowed the wishes of literally thousands of Americans like five seconds ago – can just go take a flying leap.

Dying wishes don’t mean a thing.

Don’t @ me. Or do. I’m on Twitter.

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