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Fake News

CNN ‘Fact Checkers’ Defend Biden’s Plan To Take Your Guns



Last week, President Trump stated the obvious at a rally: “Joe Biden wants to confiscate your guns!”

The heroes at CNN didn’t like that very much.

They rushed to the aid of Sleepy Joe with a hard-hitting “fact check” that was 100% worthy of their failing, trash network.

The post read:

CLAIM: President Trump said on Tuesday that Joe Biden wants to “confiscate your guns.

THIS IS FALSE: Biden’s gun control plan does not include confiscating legally owned weapons but would mandate that people who own assault weapons either properly register them or sell them to the federal government along with other measures.”

In other words, Biden doesn’t want to confiscate your guns, he just wants to confiscate your guns!

Do we need to have vocabulary and English tests so the so-called fact-checkers understand what these words mean? And especially what they mean when you string them together?