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The Six Most ~Presidential~ Biden Moments From The Debate



The left is foaming at the mouth calling President Trump’s debate performance “disgusting” “amoral” and beneath the office of the president. 

I find that very odd since beyond some interrupting issues – see more on that leftist whine-fest here – President Trump stuck very much to the issues at hand. In fact, the only personal insult he levied at Vice President Biden was when he said he was “not smart” in response to Joe Biden saying his response to Covid-19 was “not smart.” 

In fact- when President Trump brought up Joe Biden’s family – Hunter Biden- it was in direct reference to the very issue which the democrats (which let me remind you – the democrats ARE Joe Biden) impeached him for earlier this year. So Hunter Biden’s record on Burisma and his character are quite relevant to the discussion of President Trump’s fitness for the Presidency. 

However, Joe Biden didn’t limit his commentary to the policies and politics at hand. Joe Biden proffered several petty personal insults at President Trump acting with an extreme childishness that – according to the left – is not very presidential at all. 

But somehow the left continues to beat the drum that Joe Biden is a presidential figure and Donald Trump is not. So here are the top five most ~Presidential~ moments from Joe Biden in the debate: 

  1. When he told President Trump to “shut up” and then ironically followed it up with “this is so unpresidential”

  1. When he called President Trump a “clown” 

  1. When he called President Trump a “clown” a second time

  1. When he called President Trump a “racist” 

  1. When he told President Trump “no you’re a disgrace” 

  1. When he called the President the “worst President America has ever had”

There you have it! All the reasons that Vice President Joe Biden is so much more ~Presidential~ than PRESIDENT Donald Trump.

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