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I Counted All The Times Each Candidate Interrupted At The Debate So You Don’t Have To



The leftist media has made it their mission to paint President Trump as the big bad interrupter man who was evil and ruined the debate whereas their poor sweet baby Joe Biden did no wrong and was a perfect sweet angel who just needs us to listen to him. 

I took the liberty of fact checking the left since I actually watched the debate and it seemed like President Trump was interrupted as much if not more by both Joe Biden and Chris Wallace than the reverse. 

So I counted! I counted each time Joe Biden interrupted someone (Chris Wallace or Trump) each time President Trump interrupted someone (Chris Wallace or Biden) and each time Chris Wallace interrupted each candidate and made a handy chart for comparison. 

Get out there and use this baby on social media to tell the liberals to stop lying all the time! If they don’t believe me? Invite them to stop being lazy and count themselves. 


I counted initial interruption only. For example; If Joe Biden interrupts President Trump and he interrupts to regain his time, that is one interruption for Joe Biden and 0 for President Trump. However, if Joe Biden interrupts President Trump and then President Trump interrupts Joe Biden to regain time and then Chris Wallace interrupts President Trump following his regaining his time – that is one interruption for Joe Biden and one for Chris Wallace. 

I counted all audible reactions including both Joe Biden’s smug fake laughs and President Trump’s quick jab outbursts like “wrong.” But I did not count reactions which didn’t pick up on the mic such as Joe Biden’s smirks or silent chuckles and President Trump’s head shakes. I counted all times Chirs Wallace interrupted not in a way that was unfair to the parameters of his own rules and was not to regain control of the conversation back to the original speaker. 

Quick facts: 

  • Joe Biden interrupted President Trump four times and Chris Wallace interrupted President Trump once before President Trump interrupted anyone.
  • In the first four interruptions of the night, Joe Biden interrupted Trump during his slotted 2 minute remarks
  • President Trump first interrupted Biden only during the time designated as “open discussion” 
  • Joe Biden went well over his 2 minute time allotment for “no interruptions” on almost every single question 
  • President Trump was almost never allowed to make it to two minutes before he was interrupted – the exception was his remarks on the economy 
  • Chris Wallace often interrupted both President Biden and President Trump in the name of “letting them speak” – this particularly caused chaos during the Burisma Holdings conversation when Joe Biden repeatedly wanted to respond and Chris Wallace repeatedly interrupted him to say “Let Joe Biden respond” 
  • At the 48:50 mark there was just cross talk from everyone so I charged everyone with two interruptions 
  • At the point where Chris Wallace accused Donald Trump of interrupting more than anyone else, (49:30) he was correct but the running count was 52 -40 (so there were no innocents) and Chris Wallace himself had interrupted both parties 40 times – 23 of which were interruption of President Trump which is 35% more often than Vice President Biden
  • At the point where Chris Wallace lectured President Trump for the second time on interruptions (1:10:23) – President Trump had interrupted 15 additional times since the last lecture and President Biden had interrupted 13 additional times and received no similar lecture. Additionally – Chris Wallach himself had interrupted either candidate 15 additional times – 11 of which were President Trump
  • In the crosstalk between all three parties during the question on whitesSupremacy – it was President Trump’s turn to speak and he spoke for under 20 seconds before Chris Wallace and Vice President Biden interrupted him repeatedly – this occurs around the 1:06:40 mark
  • In the end, President Trump does come out as the winner of “biggest interrupter” but he was by no means alone in his interrupting and the “moderator” was extremely biased in favor of interrupting President Trump’s answers over Vice President Biden’s and did his fair share of interrupting overall
  • I recorded the timestamp of every interruption in my notes to ensure I wasn’t over or under-tallying and to prove the reliability of the information. 
Trump Interruption CountBiden Interruption CountChris Wallace Interruption of Trump CountChris Wallace Interruption of Biden CountChris Wallace Interruption Total Count

Total: 222

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