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Donald Trump disavowed White Supremacy but Joe Biden actually didn’t



In the first presidential debate, the “moderator” Chris Wallace occasionally took a pause from monologuing his deepest thoughts and feelings to ask a question – most of which were idiotic. One of those idiotic questions was directed to President Trump where he asked the President if he would ask White Supremacist groups to “stand down.” 

The President – while Chris Wallace was rambling on and on about his inane question to provide unnecessary context for an audience who didn’t care to hear more about it – tried to condemn White Supremacists several times.

But is Joe Biden asked to disavow White Supremacy despite his absolutely abhorrent record of racist comments and policies including his opposition to school desegregation? No he is not asked to do so and he absolutely does not disavow White Supremacy. 

Additionally when asked to disavow another violent terror group in America, ANTIFA, Joe Biden refuses to do that. In one of the most absurd takes I’ve heard to date, he says “ANTIFA is an idea not an organization.” Yeah Joe Biden, so is White Supremacy and terrorism. Still bad. 

Now to be fair to Joe I find the notion of forcing candidates to condemn groups they have never supported in the first place to be idiotic and pointless. 

But there you have it. Joe Biden doesn’t want ANTIFA or White Supremacy to stand down.