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The Radical Movement of ‘The Weathermen’ Is Alive And Well, Here’s Proof



The philosophical descendents of The Weathermen, political activists/terrorists from the 1970s, gained control of the White House 12 years ago (or even earlier).

Their hotbed of activities and thought was known to be Columbia University.

Their leaders went on to influence Chicago politics and the notorious Chicago political machine, mostly behind the scenes.

Their disgraced former leaders held positions of prominence with the Democrat presidential campaign in 2008, even being invited to speak at Purdue University while I studied there.

Their disgraced former leaders were personally close with the Democrat’s 2008 candidate.

My assumption is the Columbia connection brought them together, but that Democrat’s college life is a complete mystery. We are currently witnessing similar tactics driven by the same philosophy throughout the American Left and Democrat Party. For this to be a simple coincidence is stunningly laughable.

This has been the plan since the 70s, when they realized their violent tactics needed to be massaged into the desensitized and distracted American mind.

They needed a more complicit and dominating media to control our opinions.

Now, they have it.

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