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ALERT: President Trump Is Apparently The Only Person Personally Responsible for His Own COVID Diagnosis



I guess only Trump was personally responsible for his own COVID diagnosis. Everyone else is just a victim of something out of our control. But not Trump. According to the ice cold blooded leftist media and liberal elite, President Trump brought COVID on himself. 

Perhaps the bottom of the barrel publication even for the liberals, The Guardian, put out an article about how worried for Vice President Biden everyone allegedly is in the wake of President Trump’s diagnosis and then went on to detail all the reasons that President Trump was not only responsible for his own infection – but maliciously complicit. 

Did Joe Biden not also travel to the debate, stand on the stage, remove his mask, and speak emphatically? I think he definitely did. He traveled with his team, in a private plane, the exact same way as President Trump. So if Joe Biden were to have caught COVID-19, it would logically be as much his fault as it was President Trump’s (which in my opinion is not either of their faults at all, they both did their job by showing up to that debate). 

Additionally, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (who if we are being honest is the actual democratic party despite Joe Biden’s bizarre debate claims) said that Trump’s behavior [in fearless respect for his voters and the constituents of America by showing up for his job across each state] was a “brazen invitation” for COVID-19. And instead of wishing him well – her further commentary was to say that she hoped he had learned his lesson from this incident. 

Sorry Nancy, but President Trump will defend liberty and justice for the people of this country even if it does cost him his health. Unlike her who will cost everyone else their liberty but then use her power to do whatever she wants like visit the hair salon.

The media has taken a total 180 on their normal reaction to COVID-19 case confirmations. Normally when a famous person or person of power tests positive they seem to be quite sympathetic and to paint the individual as not only a victim of a virus outside of their control but also a sort of hero for surviving it (even though the virus is not actually very deadly at all). 

When newborn liberal Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson (so much potential wasted on that recent conversion to the left) was diagnosed with COVID-19 along with his whole family, the major media outlets like CNN and New York Times blythely posted his statement and gave their well wishes to his family. They didn’t track down his every movement implying that it was his own irresponsible behavior that must have led to his infection – even though – it would have to be the case (according to the left’s standard of what is or is not responsible behavior). 

When progressive individuals like Tom Hanks, Rep. Raul Grijalva (a democratic house member from Arizona), and a lot more were diagnosed (Hollywood is a real epicenter let me tell you. Its so unbelievable that this many celebrities have gotten it despite their quarantines in their homes that its almost as if they’re making it up. But of course no, who would do that?) the left celebrated their heroic recovery efforts and hailed them as the COVID-19 survivors we needed but didn’t deserve. 

But again: would they not have had to exhibit the same behaviors as anyone who got COVID? To get COVID-19 you must also have not been wearing a mask right? Or social distancing? According to the left’s logic, if Donald Trump is responsible for his infection by not wearing his mask – are they not all responsible for clearly having done the same? 

Ultimately the truth is no one is responsible for their own COVID-19 diagnosis and so little is actually known about the spread and contraction of this brand new disease that we don’t even really know if masks and social distancing are effective tools (they make sense, the CDC has said to do it so yes I endorse those behaviors and wear my mask inside at public places. But the CDC doesn’t claim they know it’ll work they only claim its shown to slow spread sometimes). I mean, the left still thinks ordering food at a bar is somehow a barrier to spreading the illness. So to blame anyone including President Trump for contracting the illness is truly so ignorant and petty that it can only be coming from the left.

 Spit travels both ways. 

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