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The Left Is Trying To Claim They’re The Pro-Life Party Now… Yes, Really



The left is trying to claim they’re the party of pro-life and I’m honestly dead because it’s so hilarously not true.

We all know that in 2016 the power of pro-life voters is one of the major factors which sunk Hilary Clinton’s ship. So last night when President Trump tweeted “Pro-life! Vote!” the left decided to spontaneously gear up their spin machine and take a total 180 on their actual position on life in order to try and dampen President Trump’s pro-life sentiment.

Depsite the tweets you’ve probably seen from blue check mark celebrities and media as well as the prgoressive twitter army: Joe Biden is not a pro-life candidate and the democrats are not a pro-life party. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Here is what their party has said about their position on life: 

The Democratic Party platform, beginning on page 33, states that not only does the party want to keep abortions legal and available for all women no matter why, they also want to US government to be able to pay for them not only in domestic health care but also in foreign countries. So essentially the left wants us to be able to pay to limit the populations of other nationalities and they see no ethical problem with that. 

And putting the platform aside (sometimes those can be a little dusty on the modern values), the left has made their position very clear repeatedly. Here are some examples: 

  • They organized a “march for women” on the day after the annual March for Life and banned all pro-life groups from joining. 
  • They have created an environment in their party where “women’s rights” are inextricable from the right to legally terminate an unborn child
  • Planned Parenthood – who is responsible for 300,000 unborn child deaths every year, gave $2 million in campaign contributions in the 2020 cycle alone.
    • Planned Parenthood’s number one recipient of donation is Joe Biden for President
    • Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are all top five in the top recipients of Planned Parenthood’s contributions
    • Of their total $2 million in expenditures, $1,000 has gone to Republicans and only $37 has gone to Congressional Republicans
    • President Trump has received no money from Planned Parenthood
  • The democrats regularly fight ferociously to ensure that late-term abortions remain legal 
  • The democrats fought successfully to block information like ultra-sounds being delivered to vulnerable female patients considering abortions

The idiotic lefty twitterati have tried to make the truly bizarre claim that republicans are only pro-birth and not pro-life which -even if that was correct and the right wing doesn’t care about human life beyond birth (absurd) – still would you not first have to value birth in order to value life at all? Would that not still make the left pro-death? 

If Joe Biden (who IS the democratic party) is pro-life then I’m the Queen of Unicorn Land.

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