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The White House COVID Outbreak Is Suspicious And Here’s Why



Over the weekend I could feel my proverbial tin foil hat getting bigger and bigger marinating in my own thoughts about how peculiar the current COVID-19 outbreak impacting the President, White House staff, and members of the Senate Judiciary has been. 

I have been reluctant to make any comments about it to anyone outside of my home because I felt like I would sound “crazy” or like a “conspiracy theorist.” But this morning a lawyer and a business owner unsolicitedly expressed her views to me in an unrelated phone call that the whole situation seemed very odd to her like something was off. She laughed it off and said “don’t think I’m crazy or anything” and that’s when it hit me. We aren’t crazy. And we are not alone in thinking this whole thing smells funny. 

The media wants us to feel isolated and “crazy” so we don’t lay out the facts and compare notes. They don’t want us to rally together and realize – hey COVID-19 is actually not this contagious or dangerous even by the CDC standard so what’s up with this? 

Here are all the facts of the current outbreak that seem quite odd: 

  • The President and his team are tested every day for COVID-19 and all tested positive on the same round of testing. Meaning – there is no patient 0 among them. They all caught it at the same time from likely another exposure source
  • The timing of the contraction coming in the height of the campaign – a true October surprise 
  • The fact that all the White House staffers have gotten it despite – I assume – not sharing beverages or kissing each other whereas in Congress when members have gotten the virus – very few other members who have had direct exposure have contracted it. My sources say (and dozens would confirm this) that quietly the top brass in Congress have been tested about half a dozen times so far due to direct exposure with someone who had the virus with no symptoms and they have never gotten it. Neither have many other members who have had direct exposure. 
  • The White House cases are all asymptomatic which is the least likely mode of transfer 
  • The Senate Judiciary members (Mike Lee and Thom Tillis) who got it were both Republicans and miraculously didn’t spread it to any democrats or democratic staff members
  • The Senators’ diagnoses were just in time to delay the Amy Coney Barrett hearings

Maybe it’s all coincidental and the stars just aligned very badly for President Trump and his reelection campaign. That’s very possible and likely the truth. All I’m saying today is that you’re not crazy for thinking it seems a little weird. 

The democrats have literally taken to burning down our cities in an effort to take back power. So is it really so beyond the realm of reality to believe they might be able to convince an attending doctor or two to act “on behalf of democracy”? 

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