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[VIDEO] CNN’s Chris Cuomo Loses His Actual Mind Over President Trump’s Release From Walter Reed



Resident drama queen at CNN, Chris Cuomo, just about lost his mind when President Trump was released from Walter Reed Medical yesterday after 3 days of intensive treatment for COVID-19.

He didn’t like that Trump was going back to the White House. He didn’t like that he took of his mask once he got to the White House. And frankly, he wasn’t all that thrilled that the president was not suffering in the hospital.

Turning Point’s Benny Johnson pointed out Cuomo’s obvious hypocrisy in a tweet, saying:

“CNN’s @ChrisCuomo who:

  • Broke Quarantine while COVID Positive
  • Got into a fight with a biker without a mask
  • Likely infected his family with the Virus
  • Faked his emergence from his basement on air..

Is offended that President Trump took his mask off on his balcony.”

And posted the following video of Chris completely losing his mind on air. (Again!)


As a reminder, Cuomo’s actual brother, the governor of New York, sent Corona-infected patients to nursing homes resulting in the deaths of literally thousands of Americans and Chris was less disappointed with THAT than he was to see the president alive and healthy.

It really tells you something about the Fake News.

Mainly… that they suck.

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