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Biden Finally Comes Out With His Plan For Court Packing And It’s Exactly What You’ve Feared



Ever since the nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, liberal leaders have been threatening to arbitrarily add Supreme Court Justices in order to tip the ideological scale back in their favor. Senator Chuck Schumer said he intended to increase the Supreme Court seats from 9 to 13 and stack all four additional seats with progressives. 

Joe Biden has now doubled down on that threat. Biden says if he’s elected he’ll establish a commission which will recommend to him the best next steps in terms of additional Supreme Court Justices. I wonder who he’ll put on that commission. Ted Cruz? Probably not. 

The commission will be made up of a bunch of self-proclaimed “non-partisan” academic intellectuals who hang photos of Karl Marx in their apartments and think Keynesian theory is not quite progressive enough for them. They will absolutely recommend a bigger government model and for a scenario in which the court can be stacked with activist judges with a socialist agenda.

This promise of Joe Biden and lurking support from his powerful democratic buddies like Schumer and Pelosi is perhaps the most significant reason to get out and vote for President Trump. The overturning of the constitutional structure of our government will tear at the very fabric of America as we know it. 

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