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Fake News Is Hiding The Facts About This Very Concerning Side Effect Of The COVID-19 Vaccine



Thanks to President Trump’s enormous COVID-19 relief efforts and Operation Warp Speed, several pharmaceutical companies have developed vaccines for COVID-19. In record time!

But one vaccine in particular is raising eyebrows in the medical research community.

Michael Yeadon, the former head of Pfizer research, has warned that the company’s new COVID-19 “miracle” could cause sterilization in women.

Yeadon, along with German physician Wolfgang Wodarg sent a letter to the European Medicines Agency, calling on EMA to halt clinical trials of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in the European Union because they believe the Pfizer vaccine blocks a protein that is key in the formation of the placenta in mammals. They claim that this could cause infertility in women who receive the vaccine.

The fake news is working overtime to censor the news, block the letter, and “fact check” any headlines.

Just Google it for yourself – you’ll barely be able to find it!

Snopes even went as far as posting this silly defense “they claimed that it’s possible women who receive the vaccine could become infertile. However, they did not state as fact that the vaccine causes sterility, as the Health and Money News headline suggests.”

REALLY? Are we splitting hairs over the words “sterility” versus “infertility?”

To the average American lining up for the vaccine, those words mean the same thing.

This aggressive censorship of anything to do with the Coronavirus is leading to a growing sense of skeptism of the vaccines.

Good work, fake news.