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BREAKING: You Won’t Believe What Made It Into The $900 BillIon Stimulus Bill

Here are the top 5 worst, most outrageous, or just plain wasteful spending items included in the giant COVID relief package.



After several months of avoiding the work, Congress finally passed a massive $900 billion stimulus on Monday night.

The so-called relief package was attached to a larger funding bill that includes $1.4 TRILLION in spending to cover the government for the next 10 months. 

The most-talked about line item is the $600 payment to every American, which makes up only a tiny fraction of the overall spending and is seemingly very unpopular on both sides of the aisle. 

But, with a bill this large, it’s not exactly surprising that lawmakers slipped in more than a few unpopular items. That $600 band-aid is only the beginning of our issues.

Here are the top 5 worst, most outrageous, or just plain wasteful spending items included.  

1. Bailout for the fake news

Guess a lot of Democrats in Congress had to pay back the media for all the work they did for liberal campaigns in 2020. Fake news got a huge handout from taxpayers so they can stay afloat despite having 0 viewers left. 

As a reminder, they got another $350 billion in March. Some good it did America, right?

2. Cash payments for illegals

No social security number? No problem! You can still get covid funds from this stimulus bill. 

Finally, the “relief” dreams of AOC and Ilhan Omar were finally realized. 

US coronavirus: AOC demands stimulus include cash payments to illegal  immigrants | Daily Mail Online

3. $82 billion to schools that won’t open  

This bill provides a f-ton of money to K-12 schools and colleges, most of which have decided to stay virtual despite the best interest of the student.  But guys – they want us to think $82 billion is A DEAL because the original ask was over $100k. 

Less work, more money! Is teaching like, the best job ever now?

4. “Free” COVID vaccines

Healthcare providers (or states? It’s unclear) will be provided $20 billion for the purchase of vaccines so they can be distributed at no charge.

Coronavirus Vaccine 90% Effective In Preventing Covid In Latest Trial, Says  Pfizer

It also grants another $8 billion just for vaccine distribution.

Though this WHOLE BILL was done in the name of COVID relief, this virus killing vaccine hardly got the biggest piece of the pie. 

5. “Free” rent

Do I have to give a Resident Manager free rent? – MacFarlane Real Estate,  Inc.

If you’ve been paying your bills, you’re an idiot. The new relief package provides another extension on eviction protection and $25 billion in rental assistance for those impacted by COVID.

You know what would make it actually easier to pay rent? Opening up the economy. But sure, this works.

As more details of the spending bill emerge, this list will probably look like a modest Christmas wish list. After all, most media outlets and few members of Congress have even read it yet.

Stay tuned. 

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