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Rest Easy, World! Congress Is Officially Working To Eliminate “Offensive” Gendered Terms



Earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi’s army of flying monkeys Congress passed their package of rules which will govern how the House conducts business in the 117th session of Congress which will span 2021 – 2022 (until the next election). Amongst removing the requirement to pay for things as they spend money, Congress found the time to eliminate “gendered phrases” from all of their official rules. 

That’s right ladies and gentleman … general humanoids …general humixnoids – from now on Congressmen and Congresswoman as well as Congresslamps and Congresstrees will not be plagued by the oppression that is a rulebook that uses the terminology “he” and “her.”

Honestly? I’m not sure how they’ve all made it this many years suffering such insults. 

I can’t imagine why Republican Leader in the House Kevin McCathy would call the effort “stupid.” 

In a time where our fearless non-gendered leaders are intentionally creating tackling massive economic strife and world destabilization it really soothes the soul to know that they have set their priorities right by tackling this all important issue right up front. 

Now that this huge obstacle facing the hardworking men and women of America only particularly prickly members of Congress has been tackled we can all really put our back into the Biden plan for restoring American safety (something like: wear a mask at airports and take the vaccine he swore wouldn’t be ready before January). 

I do have one lingering question for Nancy Pelosi and her persons of Congress: if there are no genders and they do not matter – does that mean there is no reason to celebrate a female Vice President? 

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