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How Did The Democrats Steal Georgia? Stacy Abrams Gave Us The Details A Month Ago




As of this morning, the liberal media has declared victory in Georgia for radical Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

The Democrats crediting unprecedented voter turnout, and of course, majorly beneficial late night ballot counts.


But we know how these liberals managed to pull off a win. Stacey Abrams told us the details of her plans to steal almost a month ago!

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, the 2016 Democratic gubernatorial candidate turned (supposed) grassroots expert Abrams stated “Democrats are prepared to win this election. This is the first runoff where we have the level of investment and engagement that it takes to win a runoff. We know from the numbers we are in a good place.”

She explained that “1.2 million absentee ballots have been requested thus far, and just to put that into context, 1.3 million were requested for all of the general election. Of that 1.2 million, 85,000 of those applications are from voters who do not vote in the general election and disproportionately between 18 and 29 and disproportionately people of color. That signals that we understand that we may need to make a plan to vote and deliver this election.”

That should’ve been enough to warn any Republicans who are hoping for a fair election. 

Run-off elections rarely turn out MORE voters than a general election. In fact, they’re pretty much notorious for low voter turnout.


Of course, Democrats are just breaking every major statistic ever this election cycle. First with Joe “82 Million Votes” Biden, and now in Georgia.

These results are EXTREMELY suspicious.

Democrats are already dismissing any claims of fraud, just like Abrams did last month when she told Tapper “what Donald Trump is doing, the disinformation is deeply problematic. I don’t know if he is going to help our harm his team. But we know that on our side of the conversation, we are pushing for leaders who will actually do the work of delivering COVID relief to Georgia.”


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  1. Gregory James Topliff

    January 7, 2021 at 3:28 pm

    I wrote this for the news media but no one wanted to hear it. Thought I’d share.
    Dear Editor,
    Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling held a bogus news conference debunking the allegations of voting fraud in his state.
    After listening to his dribble about the time line I came away with a few questions of my own about his guilt by omission.
    I heard him say a few times that President Trump wanted people not to vote, which was a bold face lie. If anything Trump pleaded with people to vote to keep the Senate.
    We were told the building was evacuated because of a water main break. His story after the fact was that a toilet with a stuck valve overflowed leaving a puddle on the floor. He said the floor manager at 11:00 P.M. the night of the vote decided to keep the staff that counts the ballots to continue doing there job.
    He went on to say that everyone was in place meaning the news media and poll watchers but that was not the truth. There were 4 people on the video pulling out the 4 boxes. The news people were interviewed outside the building by other reporters asking why they left the building. The poll watchers were told to leave with them so, his timeline to the events was all malarkey.
    Sterling stated that the ballots seen on the video being taken out from under the tables were all legit so I have to ask, why were they hidden under a table instead of being kept on top of one of the empty table in the video?
    Sterling is an affront to all of the taxpaying voters who pay his salary. He was trying to cover his incompetence because of the fraud committed under his watch plain and simple. In my opinion his excuse didn’t hold the water left on the bathroom floor.

  2. Gregory James Topliff

    January 7, 2021 at 3:30 pm

    Wrote this for the newspapers. Thought I’d share if it doesn’t get used.

    Dear Editor,
    Being a former law enforcement officer and 100% disabled Marine Vietnam veteran retired from preexisting war wounds and job related injuries, I figure I have given enough to this country to put something into perspective regarding the invasion of one our most sacred domains, our Congressional Offices.
    Considering that I have defended the law and our constitution I know a double standard when I see one. Many of our mealy mouthed politicians and those despicable news outlets that promote dissention and distrust have placed blame on President Trump’s rally instead of taking responsibility for their actions.
    Like rats leaving a sinking ship I’ve listened to Republicans and disgruntled former employees blame Trump for the attack on our government. Where was the outrage when it came to the attacks by Antifa and the far left radicals who destroyed cities under Democrat control all last year? Why weren’t these politicians that are lawyers not holding hearings and collecting evidence to send to the FBI and DOJ for prosecution. What happened to their oaths to uphold the law?
    Many have played word games saying, “ there were irregularities” at the ballot polls when there were clear cases of fraud and manipulating the votes that everyone has ignored outraging the people because no one in authority wanted to hear it.
    When law abiding people see people like Joe Biden who in my opinion is a criminal after coercing and blackmailing the Ukraine government to get rid of the prosecutor investigating his son and who by definition is guilty of committing treason with Obama who gave aid and comfort to our sworn enemy Iran by returning $150 billion dollars then reasonable people will lose their restraint and revolt. Now we all have to live with a criminal in the White House.

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