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6 GREAT Tips For the January 6th Trump Rally



On January 6th, thousands of patriots are coming together to support our members of Congress who are defending the republic by challenging the fraudulent electoral votes which were allowed to be cast in bad faith to the law, process, and transparency. Without this challenge, the American republic has truly died. 

Rallies can be a little tricky especially in the nation’s Capitol so here are some tips: 

  1. DC has made staying in a hotel very difficult 

America’s second worst Mayor, Muriel Bowser (first worst is Bill de Blasio of New York City) has passed an edict that all visitors checking in to a hotel must provide a negative COVID-19 test. There is no enforcement mechanism for this ridiculous rule but it is intended to give hotels a legal method to discriminate against their guests. 

Be prepared to be turned away from hotels. Many hotels will not follow the order since they are financially suffering and perhaps not total idiots, but some will. Prepare to have a back up plan by utilizing Air BNB and staying in hotels over the bridge in Virginia. It is very easy to commute into the city from Virginia by metro, uber and in a pinch even walking.

  1. You will not have cell service 

When there are large rallies in DC (including scheduled events like inauguration) the various government authorities block cell service to minimize risk of organized threats to the nation’s capital and the Capitol itself. It’s not that sinister, it’s just one way of reducing occurrences of violence. That being said it’s very annoying and you should be prepared for it.

Make sure your party members have a meet up spot since you might get caught in a crowd and you might not be able to call or text each other. If you’re coming alone, make sure you let someone know where you’ll be. 

Consider dropping by a convenience store or something and investing in a real life paper map.Your GPS services might be down. Look up essential businesses and places to take shelter from the cold and festivities (or other) in advance. 

If all else fails: walk west. You’ll eventually leave the dead zone. 

  1. Restaurants are not allowed to offer indoor service 

Once again Mayor Bowser for “health reasons” ordered all restaurants cease indoor service conveniently for the week leading up and week after the rally including January 6. 

Do not expect to be able to use restrooms or take shelter for a nice lunch or dinner in the city! Unfortunately, Mayor Bowser’s contempt for you and your civil right to free speech exceeds her care for the businesses in her own city. She would prefer they lose out on all the income you could provide them. 

Take your business across the bridge to Virginia where indoor dining is allowable. You will want to consider making reservations just because their capacity is limited but there are plenty of places that will have walk up availability. 

That being said – some DC restaurants have built outdoor eating spaces with heating lamps that are quite charming and cozy. Try the DC Wharf for string lights and a boardwalk overlooking the river. 

  1. It gets pretty cold

Even though the temperature itself is not as cold as many midwestern states across the nation, it’s a damp relentless cold – and if you’re from a southern state especially, prepare yourself. Make sure you wear a good real coat not a jacket and definitely cover your ears and fingers. Socks are your friends. Do not be fooled by 40 and 50 degree weather. It will get to you fast! 

  1. Don’t worry – there will be restroom facilities

DC is very accustomed to rallies and protests. They always set up port-a-potties along the national mall and in high volume areas during these types of events. Its not glamorous but you won’t be stuck. 

The DC government may hate you and your rights, but the National Park Service Rangers aren’t about to be cleaning up human waste. Its not San Francisco.

  1. There is a Starbucks at 325 7th St NW #100

Its the closest one to the middle of the mall. Download the app and order in advance or you can order take out coffee and snacks from that location (last I checked). 

There is not a convenient Dunkin Donuts except if you’re taking the train and pass through Union Station. All the other Dunkins are inside Federal Buildings which are closed to the public right now. Why? I have no idea. Why are there so few Starbuckses in such a highly populated and caffeinated city? I have no idea. 

The National Art Museum also as a coffee and snack stand in their garden which you may be able to access. 

Those are the major tips for having an enjoyable time at a DC Trump rally. Make friends and show off your Trump gear! Most people are very kind and fun to be around. Be safe! Avoid Antifa agitators and most importantly: 

Make America Great Again!