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BREAKING: Biden’s DOJ Arrests Popular Conservative Influencer

It was only a matter of time before the Biden administration started arresting those of us who publicly expressed opposition…



After the ridiculous overreaction to the Capitol riots (still stupid, still bad, just not remotely what constitutes an insurrection) America has watched as social media and tech giants have systematically implemented efforts to completely silence opposition to liberal government and ideologies by banning the most important Republican leader in modern times, President Donald Trump, from all their platforms and classifying all concern about the authenticity of the 2020 election as “inciting violence.” 

We knew then it was only a matter of time before the Biden administration started arresting those of us who publicly express opposition or work in opposition to the liberal agenda and the march toward an authoritarian government regime. 

And so it has begun.

A social media influencer Douglass Mackey known as Rickey Vaughn was arrested by the Biden administration charged with election interference for the “use various social media platforms to disseminate misinformation.” 

The DOJ charges claim that Mackey was the 107th most important influencers of the 2016 election. With no stand alone fame, mainstream media platform and only 58,000 followers, the DOJ is claiming that Mackey was more influential than NBC News. The claim is either totally absurdist or very sad for NBC News.

The DOJ claims that Mackey posted images encouraging people to text in their votes for Hillary Clinton in a serious attempt to undermine the election and deprive those individuals from their right to vote. The charge itself claims that Mackey’s internet troll of uneducated voters was successful in depriving individuals from their “right to vote” as if knowing your rights and responsibilities as a voter is not the responsibility of the voter themselves and that a twitter joke can truly subvert a federal election.

Interestingly, the DOJ has not pressed charges on any of the individuals who tried to encourage voters to move to Georgia before the 2020 election or those who trolled Republican voters on the leftist side.

Mackey is probably not a perfect pillar of public discourse and we at FPF do not know or care about the full extent of his social media activity (showing how important he really was to the 2016 election). Here is an article accusing him of being an alt-right white supremacist but also detailing a major fued he had with actual white supremacists and displaying a tweet from Mackey which called Nazis immoral. So read, research, draw your own conclusions about who he is. Its possible that he is a terrible person. He might be a good one. We have no idea. That’s not the point. As Americans we have the right to use speech freely including in being a terrible person. Including bad jokes. Including lying on Twitter. Including disagreeing with a leftist publicly or accusing one of lying publicly. 

If you think these charges will stop with Mackey who might be one of the more egregious trolls, you don’t understand how far these people are willing to go. It is only a matter of time before “misinformation” as defined by the liberal hegemony is in and of itself considered “sedition” or “undermining the election.” Meaning that any information that is considered by the left as inconvenient could be the reason you are banned from basic communication platforms or even facing federal charges. 

All we can do is continue to speak. We must continue to express opposition and to find outlets for communicating dissent and civil disobedience. We can only be silenced if we allow them to convince us that we are the monsters they need us to be.