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FACT CHECK: Did Tom Brady Steal The Super Bowl?



On Sunday the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took on the Kansas City Chiefs (of Kansas) for the 55th (or something) Super Bowl lead by Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes respectively. 

Since the game, there have been a lot of cries from football fans (and probably gamblers) nationwide that the game was rigged in favor of big bad cheater meanie face (paraphrased), Tom Brady.

In order to resolve this mystery I will be using the lefitst and liberal media standard of defining and determining “rigging,” and “evidence.” 

As a woman who watched the majority of ½ of the game and who has a tepid interest in football but has read a couple of headlines, I feel that I have the credentials necessary to investigate these claims and come to a resounding, inarguable conclusion that if anyone disagrees with or expresses concern over: they would be considered unhinged conspiracy theorists and maybe terrorists.

Let’s examine the claims: 

Those who believe the game was rigged claim that the referees made a lot of incorrect calls against the Chiefs and in favor of Tom Brady’s “Bucs.” 

There is absolute 0 evidence to support this claim because actually the first ever female referee was participating in the Super Bowl this year and I think it’s pretty sexist to suggest that she is not capable of making appropriate football calls. 

Also actually the referees and the NFL officials who are the ones in charge of the rules looked at the claims and said the calls were totally fair. Any claim that they were unfair is an attempt to undermine the entire NFL and all of its systems and even actually football at its core.

Plus I didn’t even see the second half of the game so I didn’t see any of those calls people are baselessly saying were bad. I’ve heard they’re available online for me to review but I haven’t and the Bucs say they were fine.

And lets go ahead and call these claims what they really are: racist attempts to disenfranchise southern minorities. These dangerous conspiracy theorists’ real goal is to make it hard for America’s minorities and women to enjoy Football. They don’t care about fairness or transparency! They only want to shut people out. 

Despite the fact that Tom Brady himself is actually pretty old for the NFL and very white, his team the Bucs are the chosen hero for hundreds of thousands of black and brown Americans and women, especially in the south. Tampa Bay is home to 22% African Americans and 19% Hispanics and is less than 50% white. Kansas City is 60% white. You tell me what the real motivation is.

The Bucs even have an affirmative action campaign to make sure they are reaching out to their female fans (called RED). Does Kansas City have a female fan outreach program? We don’t know and didn’t check but the question remains.

Continued rhetoric from fans baseless claiming there is evidence the game was unfair are becoming dangerous. People saying that Tom Brady isn’t the best athlete of all time but that its in fact, Serena Williams, are all but calling for Brady’s murder. These incitiers of rage and violence must be stopped. Tom Brady is a quarterback for all Americans. But not those ones, those people need to be quiet.


There is absolutely 0 evidence that the game was rigged in favor of Tom Brady and the Bucs. Did the NFL apply rules in a way that lacked transparency and control the communication of those rules and their application in a way that fans could not follow and that would benefit the Bucs? Maybe yes but that isn’t rigging, that is simply fortifying the NFL program.

Congratulations to Tom Brady and the Bucs for their undoubtedly fair victory over the Kansas City, Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes.

Note from the author: I do actually love Tom Brady (obviously, he’s a literal Patriot and a former Patriot) but I will not be acknowledging any bias in my reporting thank 

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