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IMPEACHMENT UPDATE: Are Democrats Using Doctored Footage To Make Their Case Against Trump?



Drama in Washington is at an all time high with the second impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump underway.

The whole argument and legitimacy of the Article of Impeachment introduced by Democrats relies on proving President Trump “incited insurrection” on January 6th. 

And on Day 1, impeachment managers on the left went to great lengths to make their point… through edited videos and fake news talking points. 

Conservative journalist Jack Posobiec immediately pointed out the hypocrisy, saying “[Impeachment Manager] Raskin said he wanted to try the President based on the facts, then entered a doctored video into evidence.”

In the video aired by the Maryland Congressman, the January 6th speech was deceptively clipped to exclude the part where President Trump asks protesters to go to the Capitol “peacefully & patriotically”, which is surely a relevant quote in a trial alleging the former incited behavior that was not peaceful or patriotic.

You can see Trump say it for yourself, in the real footage the Democrats don’t want you to see.


The blatant dishonesty from these liberals makes it even more clear that facts are irrelevant in their delusional dedication to punishing President Trump and his supporters for daring to threaten their supreme authority. 

Can’t wait to see what lies they come up with next. 

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