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BREAKING: We’ve Got Proof CNN And NBC Paid $70K To Agitator Who Breached The Capitol On Jan 6th



Antifa agitator John Sullivan from Utah has officially been charged for his role in the Capitol riot on January 6th.

Now, the proof has emerged that Sullivan was paid $35,000 by CNN and $35,000 by NBC to capture footage inside the Capitol — and the CNN contract began the very same day of the riot!

Contract with CNN
ACH from NBC

Part of that footage captured by Sullivan included the death of pro-Trump protester, Ashli Babbit.

He uploaded this violent footage to social media, along with several other videos incriminating himself and other demonstrators.

The fact that Sullivan was never banned from social media after sharing such damning footage definitely raised suspicion in conservative crowds… but now we know why he was kept around! He was part of the fake news himself and Big Tech NEVER silences fake news.

Sullivan’s attorney has shared the invoices from CNN and NBC as part of his client’s defense. He filed the invoices with the court, and Politico reporter Kyle Cheney has shared them online.

By the terms demanded by the liberal media in the last few weeks, CNN and NBC should face major consequences for this.

They went above and beyond “reporting” and officially invited and paid a known agitator to dress up as a Trump supporter and incite a mob on January 6th.


And they can’t claim they didn’t know. John Sullivan was a vocal participant of several BLM and Antifa riots and that is likely the reason CNN and NBC reached out to him in the first place.

Even the Politico report highlights Sullivan’s role in inciting violence:

“However, prosecutors contend that Sullivan is not a mere bystander or chronicler of protests. Instead, they say, he actively encourages violence, telling viewers how to make Molotov cocktails and evade identification by police. He was arrested last month on charges stemming from the Jan. 6 riot, including interfering with police during a civil disorder. Sullivan was later hit with an additional charge: obstruction of Congress.”

(Kyle Becker of Trending Politics does a full breakdown of John Sullivan’s previous involvement with violent protests and it’s worth a look, here. )

CNN and NBC have no responded to the drama and if media trends continue as they have, they won’t have to.

They blamed Donald Trump for the “insurrection,” and that’s the story they’re sticking to, even though we now have proof that CNN and NBC did more to organize and incite violence than President Trump did on January 6th!

In the fact-free zone of fake news, the receipts have become irrelevant.