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LIBERAL MELTDOWN: Mainstream Media Tries To Policitize Boulder Shooting Immediately, Fails Miserably



When news broke about the shooting in Boulder, Colorado, celebs, activists, and reporters immediately jumped on Twitter.

Not to report the story, but to make wild and unfounded accusations of racism, extremist demands for gun control, and bathe in the self-righteousness of fellow libs in a tragedy.

Unfortunately for them – their narrative completely fell apart when it was revealed that the shooter was actually Muslim, and not the white Christian male they prayed for.

Let’s just take a look at their hot takes.

  1. The editor of Deadspin, which is apparently a thing still, tweeted the first out-of-touch statement. But that couldn’t be left alone! The follow-up tweet is actually from the editor of USA Today.

Two mainstream publications without one brain between them.

2. Liberal activist and frequently embarrassing Amy Siskind assumed the shooter was white and tweeted the following:


Then she seemed to find out the shooter was not white, and updated to say:


3. This guy from some movie really assumed wrong, here.


4. Maybe he used Google translate for this. Super unreliable!


5. Trading one hoax for another, here:


6. She’s a DOCTOR, not a psychic!


7. This is getting awkward…


8. That’s the fake news tweet.


9. Murder charges are not cancel culture enough for this guy:


10. “this tweet has been deleted”


(H/T Caleb Hull for all of this insanity.)

YIKES, libs. They couldn’t be more wrong, but at least they’ve got a media coverup to hide their mistakes…

Entire world losing interest in this story in 3…2… 1.

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