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NBC Caught Deceptively Editing 9/11 Calls To Push Their Racist Narrative



The George Floyd case ended exactly as the left wished, but they can’t hope for peace in America.

They’re already busy planting the seeds of deception that could lead to the race war they’ve been desperately pushing for.

This week, after the police shooting of a knife-wielding 16-year-old girl in Columbus, Ohio, NBC News was caught misrepresenting the situation. They dishonestly – and intentionally – mislead viewers by clipping the call made by one of the young women attacked by a knife, deleting all evidence of the request for police.

Media Research Center news analyst Nicholas Fondacaro called them out on Twitter and posted both clips for you to compare.

When listened to side by side, it’s clear why they made the editorial decisions they did. Without them, the desperation of the 911 caller is made clear, which makes the officer’s intervention on behalf of her life seem necessary.

This wouldn’t be the first time NBC edited clips to sway public opinion, though. And it won’t be the last.

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