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[VIDEO] Hannity Asks Trump The Burning Question: Are You Running In 2024?



On Monday night, former President Donald Trump appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity.

Sean did not avoid the burning questions. Right off the bat, he asked “Are you running again in 2024? What are the odds?”

President Trump replied “I got tremendous numbers. Nobody has ever gotten the numbers I got. No sitting president has come even close.”

“There’s more popularity now than there was the day before the election because they see how bad things are at the border,” he said.

“They see what’s going on. They see that their guns are going to be gone, their Second Amendment. Their taxes are going up. Regulations are going through the roof. Jobs are going to go out.”

“But if they add all these regulations back, the jobs are going to be gone. Your energy independence is going to be gone. So I say this, I am looking at it very seriously, beyond seriously. From a legal standpoint, I don’t want to really talk about it yet, it’s a little too soon.”


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