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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Absolutely Destroys Liberal COVID Hysteria, Calls Masks ‘Child Abuse’



Over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, mask hysteria is reaching an all-time high.

Despite the fact that over 30% of Americans are already vaccinated, scared liberals – mostly Biden voters – are hellbent on continuing to wear masks indoors.

Some insist on wearing masks outdoors, despite even the recommendation of Dr. Fauci who has admitted risk for contracting COVID outdoors is “minuscule.”

Tucker Carlson took on the dramatic mask cult on Monday night, saying “masks are purely a sign of political obedience, like Kim Il-sung pins in Pyongyang. We wear them because we have to … It’s our job to restore the society we were born in.”

He pointed out the societal issues caused by the lack of facial expressions – especially in children. He even went as far as saying that forcing children to wear masks outside “is a form of child abuse.”

Liberals online are up in arms about the comments, but you can’t deny the truth in what he has to say.

Watch for yourself:

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