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Meet Lexi Lagan: The Sport Shooting Champ Who Could Bring Home Gold For America



Because of the fake news China virus hyperbolized by the liberal media COVID-19 pandemic the Tokyo Summer Olympics for 2020 were postponed to 2021. One of the events which has miraculously survived the woke culture mob is Shooting. Olympic shooting features pistol, rifle, and shotgun competitions for men, women and teams. 

One Team USA member to watch is Lexi Lagan participating in the Women’s Pistol event. Lagan is one of the rising stars in a sport in which America has lost its edge. Because of cancel culture and the liberal media’s anti-gun rhetoric (not to mention President Biden’s recent attempt to kill the second amendment), collegiate and club shooting programs have been canceled and defunded leaving talent like Lagan’s on the table unused against America’s biggest sporting rivals. 

Lagan has the potential to bring the sport back. A native of beautiful Boulder City, Nevada (just south of Las Vegas nestled between the Hoover Dam and the vast canyons of Arizona), Lagan brings all the beauty and power of young female gun experts to the Olympic team. 

Lagan is everything we all should strive to be. At the top of her field, she is unapologetic about her craft and her mastery of weaponry. There is nothing sinister about her wielding of a pistol and she does not apologize for it. In fact, she (relatably) has lost friends over her incredible skills with firearms (imagine being an actual Olympian and your liberal friends thinking they are in the moral right for shunning you). Now more than ever, women like Lexi Lagan deserve credit and support as a sportsman and a representative of the United States.

Lexi will be taking on world champions from Korea and Germany on July 27, 2021, and I, for one, won’t be missing it. 

You can follow her on Instagram @lexi1515 or here and look here for a roster of Shooting events for the 2021 games.

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