BREAKING: Dr. Fauci Has Some MAJOR Explaining To Do About The Origins Of COVID-19 – Free Press Fail
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BREAKING: Dr. Fauci Has Some MAJOR Explaining To Do About The Origins Of COVID-19




President Trump and his administration have said for over a year that China’s involvement in the origin of COVID-19 should be investigated.

Throughout the pandemic, they’ve pointed to the possibility of a lab error at the Whuan Institute of Virology.


And throughout the pandemic, liberals in the media and in politics claimed that was absolutely crazy.

Now, it seems they may have to walk it back as more and more has come to the surface.

Republicans in Congress are now pushing the Biden administration to provide details on everything the government knows about the origins of the virus and pointing their fingers at Dr. Anthony Fauci personally for his support for U.S. funding going to Wuhan labs.

In a letter to Fauci and the NIH written by Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, he questioned Fauci’s relationship with the lab.

“While many in the scientific community were quick to dismiss the possibility that the COVID-19 outbreak originated with a laboratory leak in Wuhan, China, information initially released by the Trump State Department and later confirmed by the Biden administration suggests much closer examination is needed,” Gallagher wrote.

He then pressed Fauci on exactly how much government funding has gone to the Wuhan lab, how much of it could’ve gone towards research that encouraged a virus like COVID-19: “gain-of-function research.”

“You have argued over the years that gain-of-function research is a risk worth taking, given the potential benefits for the creation of vaccines and therapeutics…” Asking Fauci directly, “does the COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility of a leak from the WIV raise questions about the future prudence of gain-of-function research? How can we quantify the risks associated with this type of research in the future, particularly when it comes to non-transparent countries like China, and at what point does this research simply become too risky?”

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The NIH has yet to respond to Gallagher’s letter but earlier this year they told the Washington Examiner that the Wuhan lab is not an NIH grantee, they only received the grant as part of a “sub-award” the EcoHealth Alliance.

As Congress continues to push the issue, there’s no doubt the left will have to back track on their narrative.

Eventually, they will have admit that YES, COVID did come from Chinese lab.

Which is exactly what Trump always said.
And exactly what they said he was crazy for saying.
And exactly what Fauci has denied for 1 yr+.

And still, no one will pay for it.

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  1. Come on man!

    May 8, 2021 at 11:19 am

    I believe the virus was developed on purpose with taxpayer dollars from the US, I believe fauci and Obama were in on it and many more knew it was happening. I believe it was released on purpose to use it as fear to shut down our country (and world) so the great reset could be implemented, this has been admitted by other countries. Is it as deadly as they would have us believe, no. Is the vaccine as safe as they say, no, I personally think there’s something else in it that should not be, will it damage people that took it in the future, I believe so. It’s all been a lie.

  2. william

    May 10, 2021 at 4:10 pm

    Dr. Fauci helped create this virus and we have known this for over a year.There is a Doctor who is also a lawyer that has all the information and will be filing a huge lawsuit against
    the Government for funding the project at the wuhan lab.They have been working on this since 2014 and have spent 61 million u.s. dollars on it.Time to put Fauci and a few others in jail for a long time.

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