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BREAKING: Biden’s War On States’ Rights Continues, See The Latest



The Biden administration’s latest move to totally undermine states’ rights is the worst one yet…

On Friday, failed Supreme Court hopeful turned Attorney General, Merrick Garland, announced on Friday and the Department of Justice would be suing Georgia over their new election integrity laws.

Of course, we should’ve seen this coming considering the

Joe Biden and the Justice Department have repeatedly made inflammatory statements about the laws, even going as far as comparing them to Jim Crow Laws.

Merrick told the press that he believed that Georgia’s laws were “enacted with the purpose of denying or abridging the right of Black Georgians to vote.”

In actuality, the laws increase election transparency for all and make it EASIER to vote.

Unless you actually think Black Georgians are denied access to photo identification, the argument seems weak at best.

We’ll see how it plays out.

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