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HE’S ANCIENT! Here are 12 Things Somehow Younger Than Joe Biden



Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities have been rightly called into question as he has lashed out at young female reporters, muttered nonsense and forgotten basic words many times over throughout his reign in the White House. 

His failing capacity is not ONLY because he’s old. But man is he so super old.

Here are 12 things and people that are surprisingly younger than Joe Biden.

  1. Bill Clinton 

Bill Clinton held the same office as Joe Biden 30 years ago and is actually a few years younger than Joe Biden despite looking like death’s cold soup these days. That is how old Joe Biden is. Older than a President three decades past.

  1. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s marriage 

The President of the United States almost fifty years ago and his wife were married in 1946 are almost 100 years old and this month are celebrating their 75th anniversary of a wedding that Joe Biden could have attended if he had been invited. 

  1. Charlie Brown 

Chuck and Joe may look really similar and be equally talented at football but Snoopy’s master is actually younger than our sitting President. 

  1. Bobby Fischer the Chess Guy

Bobby Fischer didn’t invent chess but he mainstreamed the game and though now deceased would be younger than Joe BIden.

  1. Dunkin Donuts 

An American institution and the favorite coffee of America’s industrial Northeast, Joe Biden could have been invited to their grand opening. 

  1. Car racing 

About as old as the invention of cars themselves, NASCAR’s first race was well after Joe Biden’s birth. Maybe Joe was in the stands for the first go-round!

  1. The Golden State Killer

Joseph James DeAngelo aka The Golden State Killer aka The Original Night Stalker was a prevalent serial killer and rapist (50 rapes and 13 murders at least) in California about 40 years ago (and was caught only recently). Younger than Joe Biden.

  1. Rosie The Riveter 

Rosie didn’t start riveting until after Joe was born. Joe could probably teach her about rivets. 

  1. Prince Charles 

Princess Diana’s ex-husband who has seemingly been alive since the dawn of time is actually ‘kiddo’ to Joe Biden.

  1. North Korea 

North Korea wasn’t a thing until Biden got born. Coincidence? I think not.

  1. Casablanca 

Joe Biden would have been able to see Humphrey Bogart put Ingrid Bergman on a plane on its opening weekend.  

  1. Slinkies

Joe Biden had nothing to throw down stairs in his early days.

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