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How Much Was U.S. Intelligence Involved In The Haitian Assassination? Here’s What We Know So Far…



Recently Free Press Fail has called into question the integrity of the United States intelligence community leadership and their spying on American politicians and journalists citing the timeline of FISA warrant abuses in the last five years. This is not to mention the countless incidences of spying on U.S. allies like Israel and Germany. 

So when the Haitian President, Jovenel Moise was recently assassinated with reports specifically citing that the assassins were speaking spanish (when Haiti is a french speaking country), we at the Free Press Fail team and a hunch that those reports were planted to throw suspicion onto the Haitian longtime enemy and rival, the Dominican Republic by none other than the United States government. 

Lo and behold on July 14 public documents surfaced showing that not one, not two but three of the alleged assassins are U.S. citizens and one is a confirmed Drug Enforcement Agency informant. The identity of the two other U.S. citizens has not been released. 

Among the arrested parties is Christian Emmanuel Sanon who the assassins called immediately after the successful killing of Moise. Sanon was on his way to the nation with the express intent of taking over the presidency. Another American out of Florida, Sanon (who has a long history of indicating his desire to free his homeland of Haiti from oppression) claims he was approached by individuals claiming to be from the U.S. State Department asking him to fly directly to Haiti to take control of the government but did not tell him there would be an assassination. 

Its almost as if someone manipulated a motivated and perhaps slightly out-of-touch individual to take the fall for a plot involving international assassination and a troop of 20 armed killers that he was very unlikely to have been able to organize knowing that no one would believe him when he told us the U.S. government was involved. That’s what it almost seems like. 

Meanwhile the Department of Justice and the White House have come out to say they’re supporting the Haitian government in their investigation and would determine if any U.S. laws were broken when three U.S. citizens murdered a foreign leader. I’m sure they’ll be super helpful.

None of this is to defend the late Moise. A dictator in his own right, the people of Haiti were already taking to the street rebelling against him. The people of Haiti need freedom from their long line of oppressors much like the people of Cuba. But at what point does U.S. intervention become less than ethical? Is it when we do it in secret? Or is it when the interests of certain political leaders may be personally connected to our intervention? 

The Clinton Foundation is heavily involved in Haiition relief efforts. Of course, its perfectly legal and wonderful to provide aid to the people of Haiti- if of course that is all they were doing. With countless provably true claims against the Clinton Foundation for misuse of funds, a lot of eyebrows are raised that yet another individual connected with the Clinton Foundation has turned up deceased. 

Further, the Clinton Foundation partnered with George H. W. Bush to set up their “economic growth, sustainability and job creation” initiative in Haiti. Bush who was the head of the CIA before becoming President. Bush who when he was President employed the CIA to overthrow the newly elected Haitian President Jean Bertran Astride. Bush who’s son as President completely bungled an attempted U.S. forced coup of the back-from-overthrow Haitian President Astride. Not to mention the fact that George H. W. Bush has connections to a mysterious CIA informant for the Kennedy Assasination who – and I really can’t make this stuff up – surfaced in Haiti after Kennedy was killed to write to George H. W. himself and tell them he knew Lee Harvey Oswald. Here is a blurb from public records regarding this letter and this individual living in Haiti: 

“Mr. Bush, do you know this individual,” a CIA secretary wrote on a note to the director.

“I do know this man DeMohrenschildt,” Bush wrote in an internal CIA note. “I first met him in the early 40’s. He was an uncle to my Andover roommate. Later he surfaced in Dallas (50’s maybe)”

“He got involved in some controversial dealings in Haiti,” Bush continued. “Then he surfaced when Oswald shot to prominence. He knew Oswald before the assassination of Pres. Kennedy.” 

The fund is called the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund and in 2010 a journalist exposed the fund for fraudulently claiming to provide humanitarian aid when instead funneling the funds to the rich Haitian developers and the government themselves. The fund’s statement on the issue said they were focused on long term sustainability to prevent future crises. But even the NGOs the foundation partnered with gave significant funds to militarized “peacekeepers” and bogus elections. 

Really makes you wonder who exactly the U.S. is looking out for when they allegedly involve themselves in these coup d’etats. 

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