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6 Times Anthony Fauci Was A Total Clown



Showing the utmost in professionalism and decorum, the left’s sexist man alive, Dr. Anthony Fauci, told Senator Rand Paul today that he “doesn’t know what [he’s] talking about” because he dared challenge the bureaucrat’s testimony that the National Institutes of Health never funded gain of function research (the study of transferring animal viruses to humans) at the Wuhan lab when as it turns out, the NIH absolutely did fund gain of function research at the Wuhan lab.

But is this really surprising? Dr. Fauci has been elevated to the status of American hero and Doctor in Chief by the left but the truth is he is a non-practicing, paper-pushing, glorified grant writer who has been a bureaucrat his entire career and is nothing more than a dancing little clown the media likes to trot out to entertain the lords and ladies of the left.

Here are all the times Tony the Clown did his top clowning: 

  1. When he received an email from his own senior advisors letting him know COVID-19 appeared to be “engineered” and he responded by attaching the Wuhan lab research on bat coronaviruses and an urgent message to his team to “read this” and a note that they’d talk immediately. Then two hours later told the world that the lab leak was probably not the cause of COVID-19. Its almost as if he intentionally withheld the truth. 
  1. When he completely made up the correlation between COVID-19 and Kawasaki disease scaring everyone into closing down schools to protect children even though there is no evidence of a correlation and there are no increases in cases of Kawasaki’s disease over the course of the pandemic. Children’s lives were lost because of this lie as suicide rates skyrockets across the country. 
  1. When he told everyone that wearing masks wouldn’t work in order to scare us into our home then a few weeks later said masks would work and harped on everyone wearing them everywhere unless they wanted to die. What a leader.
  1. When after he was already vaccinated COVID-19, he showed up to a Congressional hearing wearing not one, but two masks in a room full of also vaccinated people sitting 100 feet from the nearest other human being. Then said that double masking “just makes common sense.” Mmmkay. 
  1. When he posed with pop singer, Olivia Rodrigo who was shilling vaccines to children. She’s got good songs but excuse me why is she qualified to tell children to ignore their parents wishes and demand vaccines like they’re ipads or xboxes? 
  1. When he said “I have never lied.”  He is George Washington and the cherry tree. Despite all the above evidence. He has literally never in his life told a lie. This came in response to Senator Rand Paul spelling out very scientifically, using public record, Tony Clown Fauci’s very specific lie about the funding of the Wuhan Lab which almost certainly created COVID-19.