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PUT DOWN THE FAKE NEWS! Let’s Get Inspired



We have been following the Olympics for you since there are so many competitions in so little time delivering all of the most inspiring moments as they come along and as Team USA continues to dominate. 

But not all of the inspiring moments came from the US (most of them did). Some of our foreign friends had some big moments that we can benevolently acknowledge as inspirational as we leave them in our dust. 

  1. Brazil earns first all-around medal in women]s gymnastics 

Rebeca Andrede of Brazil was barely edged out by USA’s Suni Lee receiving a silver medal and the first medal for her country in this competition. Congrats Brazil! 

  1. Ahmed Hafnaoui of Tunisia majorly upsetting the 400m men’s freestyle swim much to his surprise 

Hafnaoui is only 18 years old and entered the final medal round for the 400m freestyle in the lsat place position (eighth). Placed in the outside lane, the announcers weren’t even paying attention to his swim until all of a sudden they realized he was challenging the Australian competitor to the lead and in an astounding breakneck pace, he touched the wall ahead of the expected champions.

  1. Japanese table tennis team upsets Chinese powerhouse

We never like to see China take a medal. China has been the table tennis Olympic champions since the addition of the sport to the Olympic roster with 28 Gold medals and 53 medals overall in the sport. But not this year. This year host nation, Japan, put up their duo Ito Mima and Jun Mizutani who took the gold right out of China’s hands in a major upset. 

  1. Austrian math teacher accidentally wins cycling road race

30-year old math teacher and first time olympian, Anna Kiesenhofer, managed to break free of the peloton (which apparently means group of cyclists) and beat the favored Dutch team members by a minute and thirty seconds or so (pretty significant). She could not believe she had won and neither could the Dutch leader who actually believed she had won the race (so far behind Kiesenhofer she didn’t see her finish) until the officials corrected her.

This is the first gold medal the nation of Austria has won since 2004 and the first cycling medal they have won since 1896. 

  1. Mother and police officer, Rehak Stefecekova, wins gold in trap shooting 

On of the world’s top shooters taking silver in 2008 and 2012, Stefecekova of Slovakia could never quite get that gold and she took a break in 2016 in order to have her son. The US was expected to take gold again the trap competition but Stefecekova came back from her maternity break and was able to finally clutch the golden victory for her country. 

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