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THAT’S IT! 13 Reasons The Eagle Must Be CANCELED



You probably have seen that President Trump’s team recently came out with a fun new “Trump Card” for supporters to carry around to show their love of our nation’s greatest President. The draft artwork for the card depicts a dark red background and Trump’s name and one has a bright gold American eagle. 

The left has been foaming at the mouth with this eagle claiming it is alluding to the eagle used by the Third Reich and the Nazi party. I will not be displaying that eagle because it includes a swastika and I, unlike these leftist outlets, do not think it’s a good idea to spread around Nazi symbols and dog-whistle bad people to start seeing white supremacy where it doesn’t exist. So if you care to know if the symbols look-alike you’ll have to google it. Personally, I don’t think the Third Reich’s symbol even looks like an eagle – I think it looks like a low-energy falcon. 

Anyway, apparently to the left eagles are problematic now. And all of these brands should be canceled for their use of Nazi symbolism. Even though eagles are actually the national bird of the United States. I guess they think we should have gone with Turkeys like Ben Franklin always wanted. Here are the top eagle offenders: 

  1. The Presidential Seal 

President Hays first used the design in 1877 but it was President Truman who actually made this seal design official in 1945. Timing is a little fishy isn’t it President Truman? The presidential seal must be STOPPED.

  1. American Eagle Outfitters 

The clothing outfitter mainly for teenagers specializing in short shorts and zip-up hoodies adopted their eagle logo in 1985. The brand was founded in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania which is Trump territory so THAT EXPLAINS A LOT! 

  1. Ancient Roman Tradition 

The roman eagle or Aquila is the foundation of many eagle designs throughout history. It was the symbol for the God Jupiter and was often associated with elite warriors and emperors. TEAR DOWN THE EAGLE STATUES IMMEDIATELY, ROME!

  1. Team USA’s Men’s Gymnastics uniforms

How dare they honestly. REVOKE THEIR MEDALS!

5. The Russian Olympic Committee athletes uniforms 

Theirs has two heads but still. If Russia says it is okay then it’s definitely white supremacy so TAKE IT OFF!

6. The Philadelphia Eagles

Tell me that’s not super close? Tell me that’s not alluding to Hitler germany? YOU ARE CANCELED PHILLY!

7. Smirnoff 

If you Ice someone you are a white supremacist and Nazi sympathizer. 

8. This random paper company 


9. The Eagles

Their 2 CD greatest hits of TERRORISM 

10.  The Native American Thunderbird

White Supremacy can be internalized don’t forget 

11. Penn Station 

Penn Station in New York used to have 22 of these racists (designed by a german sculpture) sitting outside. Now they only have 2 and they spread the rest around the city. HATRED ON FULL DISPLAY

12. The United States Embassy 


13. The Hippogriff in the Harry Potter Movies

That’s symbolism. That is a clear statement. Kill that bird.

14. This Pokemon named Braviary 

More like Pokemon DON’T go AMIRIGHT?

15. The Agents of Shield logo from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

What are you trying to shield from? People of color? GET OUT OF HERE!

16. This eagle from the Disney animated classic, Rescuers, Down Under


17. This guy 

How dare he tbh

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