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8 BRILLIANT Ways To Fight Biden’s Tyrannical Vaccine Mandates



Before Joe Biden stole the election he told Americans that “I don’t think COVID vaccines should be mandatory.” He even emphasized, “I wouldn’t demand it be mandatory.”

Well, we can officially count that as another promise made, promise BROKEN cause, as you might know, Biden’s mandating the covid vaccine like it’s going out of style. 

In his new 6-pronged strategy, emperor Joe is forcing all federal employees to get the jab and any private company with over 100 employees must demand vaccination or require weekly COVID testing or face $14,000 fines, despite no real indication on how they plan on how businesses are going to enforce either strategy. 

Several governors have already come out to say F no to the Biden power-grab but, as usual, GOP leadership is struggling on how to combat maybe the MOST tyrannical proposal Biden could’ve made.

We’ve got some tips for battling the tyrant. WATCH NOW (On RUMBLE, cause youtube banned us for a week after we posted this.)

  1. No means no, Joe.  This is fun in all the ways cause Joe Biden is a huge creep. But mostly it works because… the vaccines have been available for at least 8 months now and everyone who wants one can get one. Those who don’t want one have said no. NO CONSENT? NO JAB.  Now isn’t that a policy worth respecting at all times?
  2. My anti-bodies, my choice. Biden’s mandates provide no exception for those who have already had COVID even though new studies show that natural immunity is like 27 times more effective than the vaccine. That’s just straight up anti-science.
  3. JOBS over JABS. We already have a tremendous labor shortage in this country and Joe Biden thinks the suggestion is to tell employees “you better do what I want or you’re fired?” First of all, the only one we ever want to hear “you’re fired” from is Donald J. Trump. Second, we’re not trying to sink this economy even deeper than it is right now. We want more jobs. Jabs should be optional.
  4. Jim Crow Joe. This mandate is actually super racist. We know the demographics of vaccinated people – it is heavily white – over 2/3rds – white. Demanding vaccination for the entire workforce is going to hit black, Hispanic, and immigrant populations harder than anyone else and if they really enforce this, the American workforce is going to be whiter than the segregated country clubs our liberal senators belong to. 
  5. Welcome to the Animal PHARM. As if the billions in handouts to big Pharma for the development of the vaccine wasn’t enough, Biden’s plan for mandated vaccines is a guaranteed cash cow for Pfizer. And we’re the cows. As of this week, the CDC doesn’t even consider you fully vaccinated unless you’ve got 3 doses of the vaccine and lord knows these boosters will be endless. I had no idea that “farm” in George Orwell’s was meant to be spelled with a “PH.”
  6. Tony Bologna Fauci can’t be trusted. In the very same week that Biden announced the mandates, over 900 pages in grants were made public that detail the funding Dr. Fauci and the NIH granted to the Wuhan Virology lab that most likely INVENTED COVID. And he’s advising on this? I would support a mandate that said the inventor of the COVID problem is not allowed to be the person we put in charge to solve it. Otherwise, no on the mandates.
  7. Blind studies for babies. Every vaccine promoter will say the same thing about the COVID vaccine and fertility. They’ll say “There is absolutely no evidence that the vaccine has an impact on your fertility.” And that’s true. There’s no evidence. Cause they’ve barely studied it at all. That doesn’t actually mean there’s not a serious impact! There very well could be. It’s very possible that in ten years we have a big WHOOPS moment on this. There’s also NO extensive research made public on the effects of the vaccine on pregnant women even though Pfizer supposedly started a blind study in February. Let’s not forget, COVID is not even 2 years old. It is not absurd for low-risk men and women to avoid the vaccine until actual long term studies can be performed and provide more information on this. 
  8. Give me liberty, or give me death. In the case of COVID, this ultimatum is a super safe one. There’s like a 1 percent chance of dying from COVID, even less than that if you’re young and healthy. I think this Patrick Henry quote is timeless and a very good way to start your take on emperor Biden’s big moves. Guy knew his stuff. 

I mean, those are just off the top of my head. I know there are a million ways to fight these mandates. We have a lot of options. But TRUST ME, Republicans, “I don’t support mandates, but I think everyone should be vaccinated” is just not the way to go. That weak shit is the opposite of the battle cry Americans are begging for right now. 

I promise.

Not a single person is sitting at home wishing that “wow, I wish more politicians would tell me to get vaccinated.”  Literally, no one is doing that. 


I swear. 

So, I don’t know, just consider it. 

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