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Lara Trump SLAMS Joe Biden On Fox And Friends



Joe Biden has faced scandal after scandal and failure after failure and Lara Trump is watching.

On Monday, she went on Fox and Friends and SLAMMED Biden’s embarrassing administration.

She told the hosts: “I feel like only in the Democrats’ America can you be so wrong for so long about so many things, fail in so many ways, as Joe Biden did, really produce nothing for your constituents, the people that elected you into the offices you held or the American people, and still find yourself in the highest office in the land, which is exactly what we have with Joe Biden and it is very frightening now. It’s not just that it is an embarrassment to America, which we know this has all been. The Afghanistan withdrawal was an embarrassment to America. The invasion on our southern border basically makes us look like a joke. Joe Biden does not seem to be in control of anything as our president and to our enemies and adversaries across the world, they are watching.”

She could not be more right.