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BREAKING: Liberals Are Trying To End Free Elections… Again



Once again, instead of doing any real work to deal with our massive labor, housing, supply chain, foreign policy, or energy crises (we did it Joe!), Chuck Schumer and his team of henchmen have decided to try and pass a “voting rights” bill. Again.

This “voting rights” bill, ridiculously named, would make “election day” a national holiday meaning that federal employees and elite workers would have the day off while laborers service and essential workers would be at a disadvantage. It would also mandate all states allow for mail-in voting and early voting and set parameters on voter ID laws amongst other things which would do nothing to ensure a free and fair election. 

Luckily the GOP Senate is holding the line (for now, you never know with people like Mitt Romney still calling himself GOP) and will not vote for this ridiculous attempt to make elections opaque and uncertain. 

But that isn’t stopping the left from crying “racism.” It seems odd to me that the progressive elite think you can segregate citizens in public spaces based on their vaccination status when black Americans are choosing not to be vaccinated at a disparate rate to white Americans and that isn’t racist but somehow having a set election day and not allowing unverifiable mail-in ballots for everyone is racist. 

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